Sadistic Government Employees continue to torture Innocent Americans

August 1st, 2018

     It’s not like CTU (the Counter Terrorism Unit) is some NSA type behemoth that stuff slips past. No No No! The way CTU works is that there is one guy (I won’t say his name) who has a fulltime sham-job in Virginia where he just sits in an office and watches me all day long. He reads all my emails, listens in on all my phone calls, and reads all my snail mail. Then he watches me on the cameras and listens in on my conversations with the other prisoners. He watches me go to the shower, or go warm up some coffee, or lay down for a nap. I’m like a cricket in a pickle jar, and he’s like a sadistic dorky kid who has never taken his eyes off me for 7 years straight. He’s reading this email right now. If you have been talking to me for a long time, then he knows you as well as I know you.

     I used to say, “why are people all up in arms about their privacy if they have nothing to hide?” But I don’t think that way anymore. I have learned that stripping another of their privacy is a good way to dehumanize and subjugate them. It’s not about finding anything out; it’s about showing them who’s boss by your oppressive, bullyish snooping. Only creeps want to do that. And I’m not a creep. I have a live-and-let-live attitude deep in my heart. My reverence for mankind compels me to afford others the right of privacy. Not because they have anything to hide, but because it is how we humans show others that they are our equal, not our possession.

      Privacy is the foundation of self ownership. Don’t trust the intentions of anyone who wants to chip away at it.

Schaeffer Cox

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