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Last night in a big batch of FOIA documents I was reading an affidavit by FBI Agent Rick Southerland Jr. along with his emails.

In Agent Southerland’s emails to his superiors titled “Mon, Nov 22nd Cox Update” he said “His (Cox’) plan involves civil disobedience and media coverage. . . . In a recorded meeting with the Informant, he (Cox) stated over and over that he did not want violence and he did not want to see cops get hurt.”

So this email proves that the FBI knew I was not some sort of big old boogieman. Which means they did not believe their own bullshit when they were spoon feeding it to the judge and jury that convicted me.

Here’s how Agent Southerland characterized that same Nov 22nd meeting in a sworn affidavit to the Judge. “On November 22nd, Cox gave a deadly force policy directive towards federal agents who might attempt to apprehend him.”

This is Fake News spin of the worst kind. Get this: The FBI sends in Jr. Olson, their informant, to suggest we kill cops, I tell him that is a “crazy idea,” that we are “not going to do anything like that,” and our policy needs to be to avoid that type of a situation “at all costs,” and to “stay completely away from Fulton and Bennett who are inclined towards violence” (Fulton and Bennett both turned out to also be informants, by the way).

So Agent Southerland takes that conversation where I REJECT violence and goes under oath to dupe the judge by saying that I “gave a deadly force policy directive.” But what he didn’t tell the judge was that the “policy directive” was to NOT do anything violent at all, and instead to do “civil disobedience and media coverage.” Can you believe this crap? And what’s worst of all is that this whole conversation would never have even happened in the first place if Agent Southerland hadn’t sent in his goon, Jr. Olson, to ask these idiotic questions.


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