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Tuesday 6-12-18.

I heard today that the Supreme Court didn’t take up my case. This doesn’t mean that they think my conviction for a hypothetical crime in an imaginary dystopian future is fair; it just means they don’t have time to fix it.

I’m disappointed, but not devastated. The war goes on. And it’s far from lost. Next we’ll be fighting for a shorter sentence, and to bring in the audio recordings that prove my innocence beyond any doubt (the ones that were excluded from my unfair show-trial).

But perhaps the most promising thing right now is the possibility of a pardon from Donald Trump. He says he’s looking to make a statement about corruption in The Department of Justice by “pardoning over 3,000 people who have been treated unfairly.”

Ask yourself, “do you think my case is in the top 3,000 most unfair miscarriages of justice?”

Let me tell you what, I’ve been mistreated about as bad as anyone can be. So I’m sure my case is in the top 1,000 most unfair cases. Maybe even in the top 40. And we have the proof! Which means you guys out there can literally Tweet me out of prison right now if you boil down the message and push it hard enough at a single concentrated target, like Trump or someone close to him. Please go familiarize yourselves with the facts of my case by reading and by watching the many videos about my case on You Tube. Then blast our president and his staff with requests for a pardon, focusing on the unfairness of it all.

Build the momentum. Get more celebrity endorsements. Get a coalition of pastors to speak out for me. Approach pro-trump media and have them reach out to me directly. Re-interview Gun Owners Of America president, Larry Pratt again, who supports a pardon for me.

And while we are at it, we need to also find a libertarian filmmaker who will do a good job of telling my story. The last producer I talked to offered me big bucks for the movie rights to my story. But all I want is the truth out. Find us the right guy and I’ll GIVE him the rights for free! America deserves to know what really happened.

When the truth gets out, so will I. This story is far from over.

Onward and upward!

–Schaeffer Cox

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  1. Sean bottoms
    July 24, 2018

    Hello. Sorry to. Hear about your case. Spent 6 yrs. As political prisoner. Got out 2000. 2012 they put me on domestic terrorism watch list for no reason except to kill me. Gangstalking. Drones. Murdered my wife in hospital. Harris co of Tx won’t do nothing to get justice. That was 2. Yrs. Ago
    Remember me. I have only choice left. Bro I have no one they tried to kill my brother

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