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The Bundys Speaking Out On Behalf Of The Injustice Against Shaeffer Cox (Video)

Activists Offer $25,000 For Information That Exonerates Political Prisoner Schaeffer Cox & Exposes Lies Of FBI

Activists Seek To Free Political Prisoner Schaeffer Cox – Here’s How You Can Help

No Crime & No Victim: The Evidence Of How The US Government Framed Schaeffer Cox

See minute 9:14 on the first video below; it has over 1 million views. #FreeSchaefferCox

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American Dungeon: The Persecution of Schaeffer Cox

Framed by the FBI to silence the Truth

The FBI is no stranger to the use of force and conspiracies to silence the American people from exposing Truth. Please listen to this and judge for yourself if this is the case. Could this man have been the one to lead the people of Alaska into the type of moral freedom our founders envisioned when framing this great nation? Listen as Schaeffer explains why the local authorities did not comply with the feds and how the militia played a role in that protection. The ending has some clips which include a discussion at the Red Pill Expo about CMU's so please listen all the way through. #freeschaeffercox

Posted by Bundy News & Freedom Watchers on Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Court Documents.

Cox_SupremeCourt_ReplyBrief_051818 Cox_SupremeCourt_USBrief_050918


4 Informants

“If you know anyone of influence in government who could help right this wrong, will you please use your contacts to reach out to them?”

Cert Petition E-FILED

President Trump Letter


66 Page Timeline

Rule 60B

Trump for Pastors

Larry Pratt To Trump

Timeline of Events

Schuelke Report

Napue Violation

Gov Kidnapping

Cox Appeal memorandum Rehearing Extension

Gov Kidnapping

Rehearing Extension

Appeal Brief filed in order to get Schaeffer a rehearing with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals:

Schaeffer’s Extension Reply:


Government answer to Schaeffer’s Appeal:





Third Superseding Indictment

“There is reason to believe that the grand jury never voted to indict Schaeffer on his Third Superseding Indictment. This is the indictment that his trial and sentence are based on. Federal Rule 6 requires that the indictment be brought before a magistrate judge in open court and records kept. Schaeffer filed a FOIA on 10/27/2014 asking for documentation to establish conformity with Rule 6. The FOIA returned that “no responsive records” could be found. If the US is unable to prove that proper indictment procedures were followed then Schaeffer’s case would be dismissed.”


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