Happy Codependence Day

Happy Codependence Day July 4, 2018

     Happy Codependence Day! July 4th, the day we celebrate the strength of our master. It’s like Big Brother’s birthday now. Ha ha ha. We’ve come a long way baby. These times, they are a changin’. But I’m still optimistic in the long run. It’s scary watching the system grow till it pops. But the world will be better off for it. Even if a few of us get put through the wringer in the process. Lord knows, it’s being done to me right now.

     You, Matt, and the kids seem to have really been put through it yourselves too. Thanks for the letter bringing me up to speed, but WOW! Your family is the model example of a victim of UN Agenda 21. I know their whole big plan and how they work it. You described it wonderfully. The Globalists who want to OWN humanity feel that mankind is doing a little too good, getting a little too uppity, and getting a little too hard to control. So they, in their imagined god-like wisdom, have set out to manage mankind like a wild game population. They do this by limiting the food supply and outlawing prosperity. To help them in their effort to be God over humanity, the Globalists pick out a bunch of local losers, give them a Cracker Jack badge and a wad of cash, then turn them loose to vandalize their fellow man.

     The Globalists LOVE losers, because losers make good pets. This is why the government and academia are just slam-chocked-full of losers. And the Globalists hate people like you and me, because we’re wild and free and self-sufficient and prosperous and impossible to control. We are an obstruction to the class of delusionoids who are out to tear down everything and everyone so they can rebuild it all in their own image. They think they are God. They think they know best. They worship themselves. They’ve built a whole religion out of the very first sin: eating from The Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil.

     “The serpent said to thew woman, ‘You will not surely die. For God knows that in the day that you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.’”

      I used to read that and think to myself, “What on Earth does this even mean? Did Adam and Eve not know right from wrong before they ate of that tree? Is that what the tree was, them getting a conscience? Why would that be such a grave offense, deserving of death?”

     Well, upon further examination, it turn out there’s a lot more to it. The operative clause is “you will be like God.”

     Adam and Eve had already been told by God what to do and what not to do. God expected them to know right from wrong as it related to their own conduct. And he punished them for violating their conscience and His commands concerning the tree. So man’s conscience pre-dated the fruit infraction.

     What the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil symbolizes is man infecting himself with a God-complex. It is man rejecting God’s live-and-let-live design for humanity. It is man beginning to fancy himself the judge of what is good and what is evil-not just for himself, but for others. Like a God.It is the rejection of God’s rule, and the establishment of our own, over others.

     I, in my delusional wisdom, will decide what is good and what is evil for you. I know best. As I chew this fruit, I will decide if 7 billion people should be reduced to half a billion. I will decide who will experience famine and who will experience plenty. I will decide who will live and who will die, because I know good and evil, and can pass either one out to whosoever I choose. My fellow man is not my equal; he is my subject. And I his master, for I am like God.

     Once man set his mind to this kind for thinking, God allowed in death, to limit our years, and prevent us from achieving the full destructive potential of our proud mischief. If Adam and Eve had stayed laissez faire libertarians they might have lived forever.
But they didn’t. So here we are in an epic tale, trying in the dark of night to find our way back home; trying to recall the long lost memory of our beginning, when God was God and man did not try to rule and subjugate man. We have found that man does not in fact know good from evil. We have found that we are not God. We are tired of this folly. Our bones ache under he weight of a stolen crown.

     The oafs who shut you down and ran you of the the cattle business were chewing the leaves of a forbidden tree as they did it. They lorded it over you and sent a famine, because they believe they knew good from evil.

     I am so sorry. I know your pain. But I also know your hope. We ourselves can spit out their bitter leaves. We can choose to be man, not God. We can reject the delusional religion of self-worship that would have us believe we are more equal than our neighbors. This is how we keep hope and humanity alive until our King returns. And when we come across our neighbors who have swallowed the fruit, we must not indulge their fantasies. We must reject their delusions. We must be heretics to the serpent’s religion.

     It is surprisingly easy to get people to self-deceive their hearts into thinking they are somehow exempted from the universal standards of human decency. All you have to do is festoon them with a badge or a robe or a title of some sort, and tell them they are not acting in their own capacity. Then the spell is cast. And they will commit all kinds of moral atrocities against their neighbors. Thinking all along that they are not the ones doing it; though it is their hands, and their minds, and their will exploiting and subjugating their neighbors. This is the modern practical application of The Dark Arts. And like Jacob, Moses, Joseph, and David we must shake of the spell, stand on self-evident truths, and disrupt the hypnotists’ show. It’s not an impossible task. Not at all.

     You can get your cattle back. I can get my life back. The American people can get their country back. And humanity can get its dignity back. The truth about our nature and God’s design for us is durable. The self-aggrandizing delusions of totalitarianism are not. So the smart money is still on making achieving freedom. It’s going to be hard to sleep through the storm that’s brewing.

     There is not such thing as the State; it’s complete imaginary. There are just people like you and me, getting-one-over on people like you and me.

     Now that’s a truth that will set you free.

                                          With Love and Enduring Strength,
                                                ~Schaeffer Cox

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  1. tabatha
    August 21, 2018

    Absolutely amazing. I am pleading for your release. Praying to Creator. Daily.

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