Third World Torture Camps in America

Letter from a prisoner (THIS IS NOT FROM SCHAEFFER COX AND IT IS NOT WRITTEN BY SCHAEFFER COX) Shared with permission from T.C.

T.C. writes “As a voice for those incarcerated in our federal CMU prisons I was sent messages from an inmate about the mental and physical abuse and conditions they are being subjected to:

Prisoner: There is still so much that confuses me. I am planning to talk to my Case Manager and ask him what is it that they want from me, do they want me to run around and be an idiot like alot of people in prison, or do they want to see me prosper and have a future outside of prison. A Corrections Officer is suppose to be focus on assisting those in prison with correcting the behavior that put them here, you never see that, if you try to correct your ill-behavior and do something positive, they find a reason to say that you are doing something wrong. So i think it is all about securing their paychecks, if everyone in prison rehabilitated themselves, got out of prison and never return, that kills their job security, so they have to meet a certain quota when it comes to wrongfully accusing someone of breaking the rules. If I have the knowledge that can assist my family with doing better, and it is all legal, the only harm in it is seeing someone in prison actually doing the right thing. To police someone for trying to better themselves is so odd, it allows you to see the obvious. they don’t want you to learn, educating yourself is a threat to them, because becoming learned, kills the recividism and there is a risk of them losing employment. There are several prisons that are suppose to be condemned due to unsafe, or unhealthy conditions from the age of the prison, this being one of them, but instead of allowing to close, they lower the level of security, do a few touch ups, and continue to operate prisons with unsafe conditions. The Federal government is the biggest gangsters, they don’t seem to have to answer to anyone. They must have truly forgot about God, they will have to answer to their evil, there will be no running from it, there will not be a flock of Lawyers representing them, He is the final judge and the only judge, man has no authority to pass judgement upon anyone, but you cannot convince these people that evil leads to destruction. I will pray for them while they are doing their best to make life miserable for me, I have it very difficult some days, and hate tries so hard to enter me for their concern, but I am not a hater, and I will continue to practice obedience to the Lord. pray that God will reach the hearts of these people and see that there is no longer evil within me, my concern is the caring for my family, i don’t want to see any of you struggle, and I have educated myself in a way to help avoid that. I ffel like I have finally accomplished something in life, because I now have the knowledge to do right in life. That makes me a threat. He went on to describe the conditions they live in: you would not believe the conditions they have us living under, I know this is illegal and that OSHA would not approve of such. We have to buy bottled water here, or get ice and let it melt in order to drink water, the water is so bad here, there is absolutely no ventalation, they have the windows bricked in to where no air can come in from outside, if it is 90 degrees outside, it is over a 100 degrees inside, and if the heat index is high, you have to basically sit down and try not to move to keep from passing out. There are roaches as big as mice, the window in the cell has inadequate screening and you are bitten by mosquitos very badly if you open your window. This is worse than living under a bridge, they have a section that has air conditioner, that is separate from the living and sleeping area, but, it only works some time, and when it works it is not beneficial at all. The plumbing is very bad here also, the cell next to you flushes the toilet and and it ends up in your toilet, there are some cells that have had the toilets removed, and the smell is worse than sewage. It is bad sweetheart, I am seriously thinking about having you get everyone to start calling OSHA and have them inspect this place, it is very unhealthy. I went through a period of over a week of having to deal with very bad pain from Lymph Nodes because of drinking the water here, I do not drink it anymore ever. I would not wish this on anyone, it is so bad. I just got frustrated over all of this so I had to come and email you about it to get it out of my system, they opened this for terrorist, with plans of purposely mistreating them, they got sued, and hard to start putting other people in here, and the conditions are horrible.

T.C: This nightmare is more like the prison in a third world country. Not what you’d put US citizens into for non- violent crimes. Yet this inmate has done over 20 years for conspiracy to defraud the government. He was convicted of thinking about it. I find this completely reprehensible.”

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  1. Connie Chauvel-Gomez
    July 19, 2018

    wake up Amerika…where is your conscience, your moral fiber?!?

  2. February 1, 2020

    How horrible, what is the location of this Prison?. I will not pretend to know or feel what you are going through although ‘Death’ to me would be better that being alive in a dungeon.😭 Keep in His Word, we’re almost home.-|-📖

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