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My case is the first one like it, EVER. I was charged and convicted of “conspiracy to murder federal officials.” But there were no specifics to support this accusation.

Instead, the prosecutor made his case based on a bunch of hypothetical future scenarios. “If law enforcement attacks Schaeffer Cox, he might fight back and someone get hurt in the process,” he argued, “or he might bide his time until the system collapses, and he’s strong enough to try to hold us accountable. We know he owns guns. We know he doesn’t like or trust the government. And we know he wishes he could change things. THERE’S JUST NO TELLIN’ WHAT HE MIGHT DO!”

The last line sums up the prosecutor’s whole case against me—“THERE’S NO TELLING WHAT I MIGHT DO.”
But here’s the problem with sending people to prison preemptively because “THERE’S NO TELLING WHAT THEY MIGHT DO!” It puts the burden on the accused to prove their devotion to those in power. And if, like me, you can’t prove your loyalty to the Globalist’s Gangster State, then there’s no telling what you might do, so it’s off to prison for 30 years.

My prosecutor, Steven Skrocki, is like a religious fanatic cult member when it comes to his born-again belief in unlimited government power. To him, anyone who doesn’t worship government power like he does is some sort of an infidel who needs to be arrested and put in prison. He’s already done it to me! Now he’s asking the 9th circuit to issue him a fatwa so he can go after more unbelievers. And it looks like they’re considering giving him the go-ahead.

If my case is allowed to stand, you are going to see two things: First, you’ll see a slow but steady disappearance of patriots as they are arrested one by one, and sent to prison when they can’t prove their loyalty. And second, you’ll see a sweeping friend of pathetic schmucks falling all over themselves to display their faithfulness to the powers that be.

I’ve been to countries where you have to be a member of the ruling party just to get by. And let me tell you, it starts just like this! If we let this go through, America the Beautiful is over. Losing this landmark case is so ugly it’s not even an option. We have to push these pedophile authoritarians back into the swamp they crawled out of, now, before they get their foot in the door any further.

I’m the one out here fighting Goliath with a slingshot for all of us. I need you to have my back. I need you to pray that God will bless me like he did King David. I need you to tell your friends about this case. I need you to send me some money to fight with. I’m not looking for Saul’s armor, but $50 or $100 from each of you is enough to turn this into a victory for us and a defeat for Skrocki and his ilk.

This case effects you directly. If we lose, you are going to have 3 choices: Live in constant fear, stand up like Spartacus and go to prison, or become one of these pathetic schmucks we talked about. None of these options are good. So you better get behind me and fight like your life depends on it. Because as a practical matter, it kind of does at this point. Don’t be afraid! We are right. So the wind is with us!

Schaeffer Cox

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  1. November 18, 2017

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