This guy who is a chronic worrier decides he’s got to do something about it. So he puts an ad in the newspaper offering to hire someone and pay them a large salary to do all his worrying for him. Out of all the applicants he picks the gentleman who seems like he’d be the best at worrying, and he signs him up for the job.

A few weeks into this new arrangement the guy is out to lunch with an old friend and explains to him how his life is so much more relaxed and fun and easy now that he has this paid worrier around to do all his fretting for him. The old friend asks him how much he’s paying the worrier, and is told that the salary is $35,000 a month. The old friend points out that that’s an awful lot of money, and asks how he’s going to afford to pay it. To which the guy replies, “I don’t know, that’s for him to worry about.”


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