Whitewashing a Murder

Whitewashing a Murder…

In an attempt to murder Schaeffer, the FBI threatened to take away his son from their home. If he resisted it would give them the reason to murder Schaeffer, his wife, and his young child. “Our plan is to try to take Seth away from Schaeffer and Marti and we believe that will be sufficient to elicit a display of force at which point we will shoot ALL THREE of them.” Supervising Agent

During the actual arrest, out of nowhere, the owner of the lot where they were parked walked up to the car. He informed the group in the car, including Schaeffer, that a hundred men were around the corner, hiding, wearing bullet proof vests. This man’s name is Mervin Gilbertson. He was also thrown down hard on the ground by the FBI during the arrest. 

Schaeffer says this about Mervin Gilbertson, “If not for him, the FBI would have just murdered me. They had not put together a case that would justify an arrest; they had put together a cover story to whitewash a murder.” 


Here’s a video of the evidence of the truth that Schaeffer Cox is INNOCENT! It’s also on the website homepage. https://youtu.be/20Df7eocwQc

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  1. Connie Chauvel Gomez
    November 16, 2019

    the goons (Amerikan Gestapo) know no moral code nor Justice! Amerika sank to this low when Gos was kicked out of the Country…..and pastors were given tax exemption status…the hirelings “work” for money!!!!

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