Verdict and More Quotes From Schaeffer’s Book

You can’t take my soul

‘Cause free is who I am

Put my body in a cage

But you just have half my man.” Who I Am


A phone call 15 minutes on Wednesday

Do you love me like you did before? 

I understand if you can’t take it anymore.” Let the Future Go


I render unto CZAR what is CZAR’s

But won’t bend the knee to any one

The sorrow of my young son reveals

That every generation pays the price.” Gentle Power


I want to feel the sun on my neck, while I plant a tree

I want to swim in the ocean, the only place that I feel free

I want to sit by a fire, just big enough for me.” Three Promises to Keep


My life is ripped away

The boy that needs me oh so bad

24 guilty eyes looked away

I am led away in chains

Scream to the father that I love

Can my son make it on his own

With no father in his home?” Verdict


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