US Government fears Zombies, Resistance, and Truth

Hi Guys,

The ninth Circuit ruled on my case. So I thought I better send you an update.

First the good news. They threw out the SOLICITATION to murder federal officials charge, and with it most of the mud they had smeared on my name. That’s GREAT! Because it acknowledges that I did not commit a crime in the real-life-here-and-now.

Now for the bad news. They upheld the CONSPIRACY to murder federal officials charge based on “a conditional agreement, contingent upon events the defendant subjectively believed were likely to occur.” (Those events being martial law and genocide in America.)

Okay hold onto your hat while I explain the basis for the so-called conspiracy. A guy named Mike Anderson testified that he and I had talked about how Stalin just ran right over the Russians and murdered millions of them with no resistance at all. Mike’s wife is Russian and came to America to escape communism. So it was something he had heard a lot about. He testified that the two of us years ago had spoken about how “if there was ever stalinesque martial law and people were being rounded up in mass arrests and being killed in purges, that if we were able to, it would be better to resist like Alexander Solzhenitsyn wished the Russians had.” The Russian people who just willingly went to their deaths seemed worse than fools. And wee didn’t want to be fools ourselves, Mike said from the stand.

When all the smoke and mirrors were taken away in my case, all that was left was my hypothetical willingness to resist genocide. That’s exactly what the 2nd Amendment is for! But now if you BELIEVE that, it’s a crime under 9th Circuit case law.

Under this logic, anyone with an AR-15 and a case of ammo is half way to guilty. Because the second half is as simple as privately THINKING you MIGHT use that gun and ammo IF it ever “hits the fan,” and you need to help stop a genocide and save your country.

I’m not accused of conspiring to hurt anyone in particular, or any group of people in particular. In fact, by Mike Anderson’s testimony, nobody was identified with any specificity beyond “whoever might be carrying out martial law/genocide.”

And that — martial law/genocide is the “condition the defendant subjectively believed likely to occur.” And according to the 9th Circuit there is no way to know for sure who might be committing the crime of genocide, but it MIGHT include federal officers, so that’s enough to attach federal jurisdiction and uphold the conviction. Even though this condition of genocide that would trigger the so-called conspiracy to resist is admittedly decades out in some hypothetical dystopian future nightmare that will probably never happen.

They sentenced me to prison for 27 years for conspiracy to resist genocide during the zombie apocalypse. Think about that!!

The government’s argument goes like this: “We the government would NEVER commit genocide; BUT if we ever did, Schaeffer Cox would probably try to stop us. So we put him in prison for plotting to stop us from committing the mass murder genocide we promise we would never commit.”

This whole thing is LOONEY TUNES!!! I’m no criminal. I’m a highly moral guy with a sensitive conscience and lots of love for my country.

I can’t quite figure this out. It’s like these lawyers at DoJ are betting each other on who can get America to accept the biggest platter of crazy.

Andy Warhol really got off on fooling snobs into accepting nonsense as art. But the real art exhibit was a bunch of insecure aristocrats standing around pretending to be captivated by a soup can. The more absurd his art, the better it illustrated everyone else’s inferiority when they accepted it — in spite of it’s obvious absurdity — just because Andy told them to.

It appears that my case serves the same purpose as Warhol’s nonsense art. A child could tell you that throwing someone in prison for conspiring to resist genocide is ridiculous. But that’s the whole point! If these government lawyers can get the 2nd Amendment people to accept this self-contradicting, ridiculous nonsense — SIMPLY BECAUSE IT’S DECREED FROM ON HIGH — it will be a powerful demonstration of our categorical inferiority to the bureaucrat class.

The DoJ lawyers pushing my case are trying to prove to themselves, and to us, that the American people are a bunch of demoralized losers who actually deserve to be dominated in every way. So the more outlandish and illogical my case is, the more it will prove their point, and the more it will drive home the idea that we owe them absolute unconditional submission in all things, up to and including genocide.

What they are really demanding is that we give them worship. The Roman emperors were just government bureaucrats, and they demanded that their subject worship them as gods. So is it really surprising that our bureaucrats are demanding worship too? Given that our entire government is modeled after the Roman Civil Cult of government, we shouldn’t be surprised at all. But it’s still a shock when this stuff goes from theory to practice. I was not expecting to see this kind of stuff in my lifetime. But here I am writing to you from a 7′ x 9′ prison cell, just for being a true blue American.

The question is, what do we do from here? We keep fighting! We don’t give up. We keep our wits about us. We stand on common sense. And we outlast the crazies!

But our biggest need right now is to get this case more public exposure. Would you please reach out to some of the famous and/or influential people you know and personally ask them to share my story with their audience?

Up until the appeals court ruled in August there was this cloud of accusations floating around me. People were hesitant to openly support Schaeffer Cox, for fear that it might come out that I did do something bad and they’d get egg on their face for supporting me.

But that’s all past now. I’m exonerated on all of that. The only thing left is this far-flung conspiracy to resist genocide. The court narrowed it down to that alone.

Because of this, big names and celebrities who previously considered it a liability to support me may now feel safe in standing by me and speaking out against what DoJ is doing with my case. That’s why I’m asking you right now to personally ask some high profile names to use their fame to shine a light on my case. Will you please do that?

We’ve reached out to Trump many times. If he knew about my case, I’m sure he’d fix it. The trouble is that the entire government is in open rebellion to the president. They have nothing but scorn and disrespect and contempt for him. Just like they have nothing but scorn and disrespect and contempt for the American people who chose him. So they never pass the message on to Trump. And on top of that, I never know if anything I send out of this Gestapo prison ever makes it out at all.

Seven years is a long time to not lose heart, my friend. And that’s how long I’ve been a prisoner for the 2nd Amendment cause. But I still feel optimistic. I know that may case can very easily backfire on the gun-grabber delusionoids who are advancing it. They just pushed too far, too fast, and it’s so over the top stupid that if we expose it, they will have to fall back. And they will lose more ground than they took! If you can get some big names to talk about my case, and ridicule its architects (Obama, Holder, Bottini, Skrocki) it will crumble. And the American people will be better off for what’s been done to me. Because they will have been taught how to spot weaponized nonsense and defeat it.

I love my country too much to give up on it. On my honor, I’m going to fight like George Washington until we win! But I need you to call in some celebrity air support.

Your faithful friend,

Schaeffer Cox

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  1. Thomas Burns
    January 13, 2018

    What ludicrous charges! Schaeffer is absolutely correct. The servants want to be worshipped. Will keep pushing out here to shine light on the unrighteousness that has permeated this contemptible class that purports to work on the behalf of the people. More Christian soldiers needed! Please enlist and go to work on behalf of the innocent victims in prison.

  2. Schaeffer Cox
    September 6, 2018

    Follow up from Schaeffer:
    “Listen, I like Andy Warhol. A lot! I really do. But the snobs and hangers-on, and fake socialites that flock to anyone who achieves notoriety are in fact rather contemptible. They deserve to be made fools of. And Warhol did that masterfully. He clowned the pretentious class, and made a powerful social statement. His point was the value of authenticity, over blind adherence to perceived social trends. What made him so great was that he stood out from the crowd. Then, when that attracted a crowed, he made art to show that even in the crowed, he was not part of the crowed.

    I did not diss Warhol. I pointed out how he dissed the fans he knew were fake. He was establishing his superiority. And rightfully so.”

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