US Communism

    The medical industry in America has become the hand of Big Brother. Just like Facebook has. Just like the airlines have. Just like the phone companies have. Just like the banks have.
    What you are seeing take place here at home is modeled after China’s system. Over there the Communists took over, ran the previous government off to Taiwan, scrapped all the long-established laws, and then basically deputized every single private company in the whole country and FORCED them to act as agents of the government.
    For example, every Chinese company that does business in a foreign country is legally obligated to spy on that country for the Chinese Communist Party. Every domestic business in China is legally obligated to spy on all their customers for the Communist Party. And not only are they obligated to spy on their customers, they are obligated to persecute and shun any customer the Communist Party tells them to shun. It’s the government getting private business to act as their henchmen to impose punishment on people on behalf of the government. It is join-or-die economics.
    That’s what Communism is. It tells everyone to get on board with the new Woke agenda, and then snuffs out anyone who balks. Every single country where Communism has gotten power has been totally reduced to starvation and smoking ashes. There has never been even one exception. Not even one!
— Schaeffer
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