Human Experimentation on American Soil

“Chemotherapy is conducted four times daily at Marion. The loudspeaker announces: “Control medication in the hospital…pill line.” Valium, librium, thorazineand other “chemical billy-clubs” are handed out like gumdrops. Sometimes the drugs mysteriously make their way into the food. For example, the strange month of December, 1974 recorded five unrelated, inexplicable stabbings. During the same time, eight prisoners suffered from hallucinations in the “hole” and had to
be treated (with thorazine injections). Drugs are often prescribed for minor ailments and are commonly suggested to prisoners as a panacea for all the psychological ill-effects of incarceration. Some drugs such as prolixin make prisoners want to commit suicide. Some attempt it; some succeed.”

“The rest of the control unit prisoners spend 23 1/2 hours a day locked in their cells (which are smaller than the average dogkennel). According to what state the man’s mind is in, he may read or write. He sees the Control Unit committee for about 30 seconds once a month to receive a decision on his “adjustment rating.”


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