Tier Five Leader

     You asked about WHY the Feds came after me so hard. Like I said, Obama had given the FBI a bunch of use-it-or-lose-it money to go after conservatives, libertarians, gun owners, veterans, Christians, and pro-lifers. 

     As part of this, they had a graduated scoring system that the FBI used to evaluate the potential of their targets. It went on a scale from one to five. A tier one is just someone who holds beliefs that the Deep State doesn’t condone. A tier five is someone who has the potential to organize and lead a major social movement that the FBI could not control. 

   They scored people based on factors such as: Communication skills, administrative abilities, natural leadership talent, charisma, understanding of state craft, personal discipline, existing influence, education, organizational thinking, ability to delegate tasks, IQ, lack of personal vice, life achievements, financial stability, ability to influence others, ability to broker political alliances, speed of learning, international experience, likeability, age, health, etc. 

    I have heard that there were supposedly less than six people in America who this FBI project scored at tier five. Less than two hundred people that they scored at tier four. Less than five thousand who they scored at tier three. And the tier ones and tier twos are in the millions. 

     I was scored as a five. Whether this is all a bunch of bureaucratic fantasy or not, it made available to the FBI a lot of money for going after me. It wasn’t about anything I had done; it was about the FBI’s perception — real or imagined — that I had the potential to lead a large number of people.

    That’s not all of it. But it is part of it.




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  1. April 3, 2019

    This is terrible! I pray Trump or Judicial Watch, Mr. Fitton, can do something to get you out of there! Thus is so very wrong. Hang in there God Bless you!

  2. April 3, 2019

    Mr. Cox,
    You are one of God’s true heros. President Trump will get you out of there! I’m disabled and am in a lot of pain, spinal cord injury, Neck, black mold exposure, etc and you encourage me to keep standing, the Lord Jesus Christ is behind you. He said if you will seek Him, you’ll find Him and God would bust you out! Legally of course.
    I’ll write our great President Trump myself and you can thank God. I’ll not want any credit, it all goes to Jesus Christ. Thank you

    You’ll be in my prayers,
    Joretta Fullington

  3. Cindy
    April 3, 2019

    Schaeffer, I just found this out, as many others have. I will sincerely pray for you. Please Lord God, di not allow satan to have his way in this situation. Please open the gates for this man as you did for Peter.
    You know Lord, Schaeffer Cox is an innocent man and has done nothing wrong. This game of the these government agencies, who are not accountable to anyone is absolutely the most dangerous part of this country. Please Jesus, don’t leave this man locked up when there isn’t a crime. In Jesus most powerful name.
    I pray Donald Trump will have you released.
    Our country has been taken over by satan. Gods ppl must push back this evil.
    Almost the same thing was done to the jounalist in UK, last name Robinson.
    Again, many prayers are being lifted up to Heaven for you Schaeffer.

  4. Bradley
    April 6, 2019

    May God give you peace and strength during this trial your faces our Lord Jesus Christ and Savior shall set you Free just keep on seeking him daily there is going to be a day when you walk Free

  5. Ruchelle
    April 14, 2019

    In the natural the situation may seem hopeless, not to make any sense, but having read some of the Lost Books left out from the Bible, specifically “The Shepherd of Hermas”, “The Second book of Hermas” and “The Third Book of Hermas”, From the contexts of these books, alot of things happening to us begins to make sense. One begin to see how God sees. God esteems you so highly. He chose you. It is ironic that in trying to hide you away and shutting you up, those authorities in power are in actual fact used by Yehovah to present the platform for His Name to be made known and His Hand to accomplish through you His wonderful work in the lives of many. The very thing they feared about you, they are actually bringing into being.
    The Truth is revealed and exposed. It would bring souls to repentance. This physical world is passing, dying but our spiritual life is eternal.
    All we do in the natural is carrying great weight into eternity. Rejoice in the Lord always therefore (Philippians 4:4) for if we could see in the spiritual realm around us, we would see that more and far greater in power are they who are fighting for us than they that are against us. Take courage. Yehovah has always been fighting for you and continues to do so for many to be reached and saved.

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