The Things You Take for Granted

Listening to Schaeffer these past few weeks has reminded me of how much we take for granted. He’s been able to enjoy the sun for the first time in years. He saw the sky for the first time this entire year. He’s been able to move around, run, and sip coffee in the morning. He’s talked about the grass and seeing the tops of trees on the other side of the prison wall.

It’s made me appreciate the smallest of life’s pleasure that much more. And I’m thankful for the small victories along the way for Schaeffer.

The prison went back on total lock down and there’s no way to know how long. Next week, Terre Haute has more federal executions planned as well.

Praying and hoping for more victories and freedom.

~Schaeffer’s Angels

Thank you Bryan Christie for the picture in the meme of the Alaska sunset.

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