The Righteous are Bold as a Lion

This is for everyone who loves loves truth, freedom, and peace…This is an INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE….INNOCENT MEN ARE BEING TORTURED AND MURDERED inside America’s Concentration Camps. This issue reconciles religion, family, gender, politics, and nationality. #FreeSchaefferCox 

(Court Docs can be found by clicking the link above or here.)

These papers were long and it was difficult to decide what to leave out of this post. This was written by a fellow inmate, NOT Schaeffer Cox. In the paper and court documents, this inmate describes a few of the tortures and the corruption (like preventing them legal funds) that keep these men, not just in secret, black site prisons, but they are being held HOSTAGE by men who practice torture ROUTINELY, DAILY. “Access to the courts is what makes the difference between being in prison and being kidnapped.” Schaeffer Cox

Because you have a family you love, a life you enjoy, a comfortable job or any other perceived freedom, this is why YOU need to be involved. There is no longer any reason to turn away in apathy or ignore the torture of the innocent with indifference. See the comments for actions steps and further reading.

According to the testimony, the name of the martyred victim is Robert David Neal; death through beheading. The name of the one who was stabbed 12 times but survived is Richard Warren. The attacker who murdered Mr. Neal and wounded Mr. Warren is Rodney Hamrick, a former U.S. Army Solider before converting to Islam.

“These alleged conditions violate the 6th and 8th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, as well as duly-ratified and binding International humanitarian accords, such as The United Nations Convention Against Torture.”

“So, if one has never been inside the Terre Haute CMU, then they have never been inside the CMU’s own, separate, and distant SHU.”

“The FCI Terre Haute CMU SHU is located directly over a steam pipe. Inmates can (and have) cooked burritos of the floor-it is that hot. Inmates are often unable to stand on the floor in the CMU’s SHU.”

“Additionally, the FCI Terre Haute CMU SHU is poorly ventilated. So there is no escape from the oppressive heat. During inspections, the steam pep is shut off, so that inspectors, like those from the American Correction Association (ACA) who are currently auditing the facility, can look the other way. The ACA’s former leaders himself currently served a 19+- year federal prison sentence for bribery, after bagging about himself as “the tallest hog at the trough.” Yet, the ACA dentine’s rubber-stamping atrocity in America.”

~Martin “MartyG” Gottesfeld from a a DOJ Black Site Prison 4-26-19

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