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August, 2018 ~ SCHAEFFER COX ~


In a January 15th, 2018 Anchorage Daily News article, the FBI admits that they recorded and listened to the attorney/client conversations of prisoners held in the Anchorage Correctional Complex from 2012 to 2016. The FBI secretly audio and video recorded the attorney visiting room, the article says.

According to the report, the FBI started recording right when I got there in early 2012. The recording equipment in the attorney visit room was never shut off. It recorded 24/7 and the FBI would just come down and pick up the tapes, take them back to their hide-out, and listen to them as needed.

The FBI specifically states that they did this to listen to serial killer Israel keyes. This lanky creep had been running around murdering pretty girls, then dumping their bodies under the ice of frozen lakes. He and I were both close custody, high-profile prisoners in the Anchorage Correctional Complex in 2012. I would sit in the visit area with him as we both waited for our attorneys to show up. We used the same bugged room, back to back, or even at the same time! So if the FBI and prosecutors were listening to his attorney/client visits, then they were listening to my attorney client visits too. There is not way around it, because they were intermingled on the same audio tape.

Israel keyes up and hung himself before the Feds had a chance to convict him. So now he’s dead and can’t object to the FBI violating his attorney/client privilege. And the FBI’s illegal intrusion wouldn’t really matter too much anyway, because he confessed to all the murders and told the FBI where to go find the bodies. People would almost applaud the FBI for violating this guys rights. This is why the Anchorage FBI and US Attorney’s office feels safe speaking publicly about the fact that they broke the law to listen to him and his attorneys talk.

But what about them breaking the law to listen to me and my attorneys talk? This is a different can of worms. Unlike Israel Keyes, I am innocent. One of you will no doubt say (or think): “Well, if you’re so innocent, then what do you have to hide? Why would you even care if the FBI and Prosecutors are listening to your attorney/client meetings? If you really are innocent, it’s not like you are going to be saying anything to your attorney that’s incriminating. Right?”

But that’s not how it works. Mine was a politically motivated case where the prosecutors knew I was innocent, and they had to find away to get over that hurdle and get a conviction anyway. The harm to me came from the fact that my prosecutors — by listening in on my attorney client conversations — were able to find out what my defense team and I knew, and more importantly, what we DIDN’T KNOW. With this knowledge in hand, my prosecutors knew what lies they could safely tell the judge and jury without getting caught. They knew what lies they could safely coach their liar-for-hire paid witnesses to tell on the stand without getting caught.

The FBI and prosecutors listened in on my attorney/client meetings so they could know how to lie and not get caught.

You see, if the prosecutors had not broken the law and listened to my lawyer visits, they would have been scared to tell the judge and jury a bunch of lies. Because who knows, perhaps my attorney might pull out some surprise evidence of the truth and expose the prosecutors and their witness for the lying cheats they are, thus ruining their whole case. When you don’t know what the other side knows, you better tell the truth. Or you run the risk of getting busted in a lie. But my prosecutors broke the law to scout out ahead of time how to lie at trial and not get caught.

This cheating allowed my prosecutors to know just what lies they could tell, and how to craft them in such a way that they were sure my attorney would not catch them. That’s just what they did. And it got them a dirty conviction. But now 7 years later the truth is coming out. We have posted literally hundreds of videos on You Tube comparing the lies told at trial to the truth we have newly discovered in jumbled evidence files that my flat-tire trial attorney mishandled. Please go to You Tube and watch these videos. I could tell you about them, but you need to hear it with your own ears. You need to hear the cocky deceit in the voice of my prosecutor as he tells one whopper after another to the jury. (Will someone please insert some direct hyper links to the best videos here.)

Some of my prosecutor’s most outstanding lies are:

“Schaeffer Cox never said no to violence. In fact he had ordered his guys to murder a list of people he didn’t like.”

“Bill Fulton never threatened Schaeffer Cox.”

“Schaeffer Cox never told anyone he was being threatened by Bill Fulton.”

“Schaeffer Cox was not leaving the country for fear of his life. He made that up spontaneously on the stand. He lied. There is no evidence whatsoever to support the claim that he was leaving.”

“Schaeffer Cox didn’t warn law enforcement that Bennett and Fulton were dangerous.”

“Schaeffer Cox never said he was going to be like Gandhi not Rambo.”

There are many many more. But you get the idea. Ironically Peter Camiel, the Seattle attorney who took over after my show-trial and handled my sentencing proceedings, is now the court appointed attorney in charge of getting to the bottom of how the FBI broke the law by listening in on attorney/client meetings. So the FBI has listened to meetings between me and Peter. One of you should show Peter what I’ve written here and ask what he thinks of the news article. He’s a good man. Maybe he can help get my conviction thrown out due to the fact that the whole thing is unsalvageably unfair. Never mind the fact that I’m factually innocent of the charges. But this just proves the whole point: When the process isn’t fair, the Feds will use their crooked advantage to prosecute people they know are innocent.

They listened to my attorney/client meetings so they would know what lies they could tell without getting caught, and what lies they better not try to tell. It’s not like my prosecutors hade clean hands coming into this either. Just look up Joe Bottini and Steve Skrocki. They are a well known duo of forked-tongued Swamp Creatures with numerous political hit-jobs and trophy hunts to their name. They love prosecuting innocent people. It’s more challenging. They would never think of busting the wealthy child molesters they sip wine and play golf with. (True story. Google it. I’m not making this stuff up.)

Schaeffer Cox

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  1. Gail Erickaon
    August 22, 2018

    Thanks Francis Schaeffer
    Disturbing to read this. I’ll share it with someone who may be able to help. I pray daily for you.
    Gail Erickson

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