The Deeper the Love, the Deeper the Pain



Today the CMU staff blocked my right-hand girl, Angela Clemons. I was making a lot of progress and winning some key legal battles with her daily support. She holds my defense fund, was taking care of things like process servers, investigators, and paying filing fees, and was always there when I needed her. They blocked her just to try to keep me from making my case and proving my innocence.

The fake reason that they gave for blocking her was that she “attempted to send communications from another person to me.” Or so they say. I don’t believe this for one moment. This claim is empty pretext. Just like when they blocked Rudy Davis for helping me with proving my innocence.

In reality, it could be something as silly as Angela saying in an email “the clerk of court said the filing fee has not arrived yet,” or “your mom said she is going to try to visit you this month.” And that, according to CTU, is Angela “passing a message from another person.” This is ridiculous and nothing but a semantic trip-wire. And the prison staff can’t give me any specifics about their fake excuse, because they know it’s fake.

Here’s what really happened. In one of my recent FOIA suits, I got documents showing that the FBI sent in informant Terry Dodd to get on the “Free Schaeffer Cox Board of Directors,” with Maria Rensel back in 2014, and steal all the money so I couldn’t fight my appeals and prove my innocence. At the time, I didn’t know for sure Dodd was an informant. I just knew he was shifty and I didn’t trust him. But when I tried to get him out of my life, CTU stepped in to save him and started putting harsh sanctions on me, and telling me that if I didn’t leave Dodd in charge, I’d get even more sanctions.

I thought this was fishy. But I had no hard proof that he was an informant, or that CTU was forcing him on me to obstruct my right to hire legal counsel, or that the Anchorage FBI was directing it all to block my right to due process and a chance to prove my innocence and expose my conviction for the hoax that it is. But with Angela’s help, I was able to recover from all the damage Dodd had done. With Angela’s help, I got back on my feet and raised some money. And with Angela’s help, I was able to file the civil suits and finally get the proof I needed.

I was already suing Terry Dodd and everyone who went along with him for major theft. And I was already suing the CMU/CTU staff for saying I couldn’t raise money for my defense unless Dodd was in control. And I was already suing the FBI to get my full FOIA file. Then, just in the last few weeks, it all came together at once when FOIA gave me the documented proof that they were all in on it together! So, with that in hand, I filed a motion in one of my cases laying out how these cases were going to merge, and CTU, and the FBI, and Terry Dodd were committing serious crimes of theft, designed to obstruct justice. (when proven, this could be grounds to throw my criminal conviction out. Look up my 3 civil cases on PACER: 17-cv-338, 17-cv-611, and 18-cv-173 all in Southern District of Illinois District Court.)

Immediately after that motion showed up on the docket, CTU blocked Angela Clemons, who was in the middle of getting that very suit served on all 14 defendants and counting. The people who blocked her were the same people about to have their crime exposed.

If they are not guilty of helping the FBI and Terry Dodd steal my defense fund, they should come into court and make THEIR case. Instead, they are blocking Angela in an attempt to block ME from coming into court and making MY case.

I don’t even know what to say. How on earth can I get a fair shake with dirty gangsters who play like this? And I see the same stuff being done to Trump right now. Trump had one attorney he could trust – Cohen – and the Deep State just blocked him. Just like they just blocked Angela for me. Maybe Trump will recognize what’s being done to me, since it’s being done to him right now too. Let’s double our efforts to somehow get Trump to hear about me. I need more than a pardon; I need a rescue. God could use a guy like him, or someone in his staff. In strange times, we can expect strange things.

Pray for me. This was a low blow from some real creeps,

–Schaeffer Cox (Sadly, you guys can’t say one word about Angela to me now, or you’ll just get blocked too. Makes me Sick!)


Dear Mr. True,                                                                                            4/10/2018

       As you probably know, I was “blocked” from communicating with my very best friend, Francis Schaeffer Cox. He is an inmate at your Marion, IL facility. His number is 16179-006. The email informing me of the block said that I could ask you to please reconsider.
        Dear Sir, please, oh please, reconsider this decision. I do not have any idea of why I was blocked. I would like to respect all of your rules and continue to communicate with Francis Schaeffer Cox. If you could let me know if there was some thing that I was communicating with Schaeffer that caused this block. This way, I do not have to do that again and risk being blocked in the future.
         I am a very kind and loving person. I would be glad to come meet you in person. Would you please reconsider and allow me to communicate with Schaeffer? He is my best friend and I love him. Please let me know what happened so that this is not repeated in any future communications.
       I would also love to visit him but my visitor application was sent three times and not processed. Would you allow me to come visit him? I would like to give him a hug.
        I would like to ask your heart for the grace and mercy of reinstating my communications with Schaeffer. Would you please find it in your heart to do so? Please teach me the rules so that I can follow them so that I can communicate with my very best friend, Francis Schaeffer Cox. As you can probably tell from this letter, my heart is grieving deeply for this loss.

Awaiting your reply.


Angela Clemons

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