Schaeffer Cox is blessed to have a large number of supporters who share his patriotic belief in the United States Constitution. This group continues to grow as more and more people learn about the corruption and injustice that have falsely imprisoned Schaeffer. Their prayers, efforts and financial donations are critical to Schaeffer’s fight for justice, the Constitution and freedom. Here is what a few of them are saying:

A supporter from Switzerland recorded this song for Schaeffer. Thank you Manuelita Von B.:

I Wunsche Dir.

“I have expressed the same understanding of the Second Amendment that was used by Cox. He has not uttered an articulable threat against any official. Please do not let this case become a precedent to stifle speech regarding the 2nd Amendment.” Larry Pratt, Gun Owners of America

“There is overwhelming evidence that Schaeffer Cox is innocent and was setup by people with an agenda who had a history of framing innocent people.  Proverbs 17:15 tells us that it is an abomination to acquit the guilty and condemn the just.  Schaeffer Cox should be immediately set free and the people who framed him held accountable for their actions.” Rudy Davis, LoneStar 1776 Youtube, www.yearofjubile.com

“Schaeffer is clearly innocent of all charges and he deserves the support of the American people for exposing our rotten-to-the-core federal government. I will continue to support him financially and practically.” David Triemert


“Everyone who reads the evidence in Schaeffer’s case knows he is innocent! It’s so clear and so simple. Even the prosecutors know this, that’s why they hid the evidence from the federal judge and jury.” Angela Clemons

“Right off I realized from personal experience Schaeffer was targeted and surrounded by predators who get by setting up for entrapping innocent Americans. His incarceration perfectly exemplifies from top to bottom the Federal corporations corruption. #freeschaeffercox” Judy Lee

“My favorite Schaeffer quote is, “Liberty always wins because tyranny self destructs.”  Erin Davis 


“Schaeffer Cox is a modern day William Wallace. He is a hero! He was undoubtedly framed and imprisoned falsely and illegally. I will continue to support him until he is free.” Isaiah Harrison

“It didn’t take me long after I hired Schaeffer Cox, to find him to be very educated about our country. I see him as a leader and patriot that we need to make america great again.”Bryan Christie

I support Schaeffer because if the system can unjustly torture Schaeffer then the system can do the same to me and you. Will Cullum

“Francis/schaeffer, your constitutional rights have been violated. stay strong.” Joe

“It seems sort of like we either conform and accept the Needle or battle the Lion every day of our lives.. People mostly choose the slow easy death by conformity because of their daily fear of the Lions,; but a few Freedom-lovers have shed the shackles of fear, and though they would prefer that the battle did not exist, they nevertheless rise with the necessary courage to stand beside others who are like minded and ready to consciously resist the predator Lions all the while enjoying the reward of dying while retaining their soul. Although one or the other is inescapably inevitable, should the righteous allow their heart to be daily conformed and normalized by fear as they consent to the needle or should they courageously resist the Lion? May we can choose the Lion at every turn?
Thank You Schaeffer for such an insightful look inside myself! You are in my prayers.” Randy

Lenoir City Tennessee “GOD SPEED” Daniel Duggan

“Beautifully well written, articulate, wisdom filled birthday letter to your little man. May he treasure it always. There is no doubt in my mind, the deep state, satanic, PTB felt threatened by Schaeffer’s God-given gift to speak to vast crowds and convey the truths “they” would prefer to keep hidden from humanity. Truths that can and will set us free to live by God’s superior law, rather than mans corrupt law. However, as it has been written in scripture…those of us who follow in Christ’s footsteps will be hated, thrown in prison, beat, and tortured for His namesake. For your reward in Heaven will be very great indeed! God Bless you and keep you Schaeffer and your family, I will continue to pray for you. I am currently looking at having bumper stickers made with #freeschaeffer to make more people aware of what has happened to this brilliant young man and his family. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, must listen to what the Spirit is saying, AND act accordingly.” S. Lamboy

This case with Schaeffer is astonishing, though not surprising. The descent toward totalitarianism has been long in the making. My prayers for him. M.M.




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