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The real question is why are these prosecutors persecuting 2nd Amendment supporters? Trump is their new boss, and he wouldn’t allow this. That’s why they are doing it behind his back. Please share this story with Trump or any one who knows him. Help Schaeffer win his life back.

Gun Owners of America

May 19, 2017

The Honorable Donald Trump
c/o Pardon Attorney
145 N Street, NE, Room 5E.508
Washington, DC 20530

Dear President Trump:

Re: Francis Schaeffer Cox (US v. Cox)

The precedent this case will set if the Ninth Circuit rules the wrong way is very concerning for the Second Amendment. Please convey to the President that it is urgent that this case be withdrawn so that there will be no adverse precedent regarding speech and firearms.

I have expressed many times the same understanding of the Second Amendment that was used by Cox, which was taken in his case, to impute an articulable threat to conspire against federal officials. In fact, the Second Amendment is indeed intended to stand as a bulwark against our government becoming tyrannical.

For example, the Second Amendment was used by the people of Athen, TN in 1947 to prevent local officials, including the police, from stealing an election and continuing their tyrannical rule. The people resorted to arms to protect the integrity of an election.

Please do not let this case become a precedent to stifle speech regarding the Second Amendment. Cox has not uttered an articulable threat against any official.


Larry Pratt 

Executive Director Emeritus                               

June 8, 2017

To whom it may concern,

I, Les Paul Zerbe, was second in command of the Alaska Peacemakers Militia at the same time as Schaeffer Cox was commander. I have been a missionary pilot in Alaska mostly for Baptist ministries, and Mr. Cox is the son of a respected Baptist Pastor in Fairbanks, Alaska. Schaeffer Cox is a highly principled patriot who does not and never did condone violence. Therefore, the name “Alaska Peacemakers Militia” was chosen. Schaeffer would not even allow the members of the militia to enter into conversations about violent anything. We were simply a lawful assembly of men who would stand and help law enforcement in a New Orleans Katrina Hurricane-type situation, where law enforcement was either lacking, leaving or for many reasons ill-equipped to keep Law and Order.

Schaeffer spoke in open meetings to concerned citizens of problems in our country. Please note, explaining what a failed state is like and recommending the overthrow of a government, which could bring on a failed state, are two different things. Cox is in no way guilty of the latter.

In one meeting between undercover FBI and some of the militia, Bill Fulton, a planted FBI informer, said he could help get rid of the Fed in Fairbanks. Fulton questioned us as to what plan the militia had to go against the Fed? I replied in a firm and loud voice, “We have no plan!” At that point, Fulton came at me and threatened my life with a knife! He was pulled back by two of “his” men, who probably were FBI agents. he wanted to intimidate us into coming forth with a conspiratorial plan for which the FBI could arrest us! Instead, I had stopped their scheme to find us chargeable with conspiracy against the government.

Mr. Cox was set up by the federal law enforcement and the State of Alaska law enforcement using the worst law enforcement practices.

Schaeffer Cox should be a free man!

Les Paul Zerbe
Fairbanks, AK


May, 2017

Schaeffer Cox and his son came to my house on the thanksgiving day before he was arrested, visibly scared as he told me of his militia taking a life of its own and he was being pushed into violence and does not condone violence. He went on about what he was doing was constitutional and legal and talked of going to nearby Fort Wainright and ask for political asylum as he feared for his life and safety of his pregnant wife and young son. I heard what the local media was saying about innocent mr cox and new it was a lie. Like montana freemen and other people framed. The 241 plan is from hired thugs used to frame schaeffer they used in montana. Schaeffer did not come up with a plan to kill anyone. Schaeffer cox was educating and informing the public at town hall meetings. He is absolutely right as we look back at the last presidential administration. He and many others are victims. He knows too much of corruption in alaska and usa. Schaeffer Cox is, as he once told me, a Ghandi, not a Rhambo! I am his peer and swear on the Bible this statement is true and he is not about to be out plotting shootings around town. A knowledgable constitutional sheriff would have taken charge of this situation and stopped his incarceration in its tracks. My friend Jennifer Greenwood was present when Schaeffer showed up. She was killed in a car accident or she would be backing up my statement and would have testified in schaeffers behalf. Schaeffer is a squeaky clean, brilliant young christian man homeschooled,was a rising political star that got 38% of the vote in state rep race at 24 years of age. He’s a businessman, parent, mountaineer, sailor, patriot, carpenter, and for 6 years a political prisoner of obama administration. I have helped Schaeffer since the day he was arrested. His wife, children and family need him. They are also victims. I am a victim. Look what my country has become. We all need justice done here! The other innocent victims with no names but numbers cry out for justice! How many nameless wives and children there? I know the USO news investigation to be accurate although the corruption is more widespread than they reported. This all needs to be investigated. It seems to me there is widespread violation of the Brady law. In helping Schaeffer i have seen some shocking behavior going on. Deny a man exonerating evidence ? Theres an epidemic going on. Schaeffer and I believe in the country our forefathers founded. We believe in the govt
Abiding by the constitution. We cannot call ourselves free when our fellow citizens are incarcerated as was Schaeffer and many others. Who is next? I confronted mr Nelson Traverso about the fact jennifer and I were not called in defense of schaeffer. Rollie Port investigator said we could be used. Traverso said he had it covered. Impossible. Three of us meeting at my house was never brought up to the jury. It was covered up. Nelson Traverso hung up on me. Evidence denied again. I stand as I always have for my fellow patriot and god and country loving friend, Mr. Schaeffer Cox and pray daily for justice in this case.

His life needs to be restored! He is not guilty.

Bryan Christie

Never, ever have I seen any signal of hostility or violence in Schaeffer and I remain in his defense, certain that he is not guilty of conspiring to murder anyone. Judge Bryan, you don’t know the Schaeffer we know, so you don’t understand the mistake that the system made by pressing these outrageous charges. The fact that they used guilty felons to capture an innocent man leaves me with a sense of shock at the deformation of the U.S. judicial system.
Kaleah Neff, 2013

There was once a time in my life when I was homeless and had almost nothing. Schaeffer let me stay in his house, provided me with food and gave me time to find a good place to live. After all he did for me, he asked nothing in return because he believed it was the right thing to do.
Levi Rothe, Schaeffer’s close friend for 30 years, 2013

I have been very impressed with his sincere concern for his family and community. Seldom have I seen him without his son in his arms, and his wife nearby. During our early morning encounters, Schaeffer continually expressed concern that any organization that might result from his leadership would be focused on maintaining the peace and order of the community and serve only to protect the innocent from possible villain/mob violence-certainly a significant concern of any civilized person of responsibility and particularly of a devout Christian.
Hal Hume, former police chief of the Alaska State Trooper Post in Fairbanks, 2013

Schaeffer had been a candidate for public office, and we were introduced by mutual friends. As we got to know each other better, I was impressed with his understanding of the principles of American civics and government, and his ability to articulate the principles of good government.
Joel Boniek-former Montana House of Representatives and Schaeffer’s hunting friend, 2013

I am Mr. Bryan Christie. I’m a recent retiree from the Dept. of Defense with four years active duty and another nineteen years working as a civilian with a security clearance. I agree with Schaeffer that the America I grew up in is going away. He is not trying to overthrow the government. We want the country that was laid out to us by the founding fathers and the country countless patriots died for. As far as I’m concerned he is a political prisoner. To me, Schaeffer is like Paul Revere warning the citizens of our beloved country…
Bryan Christie, 2013

I was struck with how capable and astute he was in the principles of management and fiscal constraints. Schaeffer was quite personable and inquisitive, showing great respect for the wisdom of others. With those type of outstanding qualities, I would have been very happy to have Schaeffer in my engine room crew on a nuclear submarine.
Charlie Deer-US Navy ENCM Ret, and Schaeffer’s flight instructor, 2013

I know of no other 28 year old who has been as active and successful as he has. I say all of this to say that Schaeffer’s life has been characterized by action and trying to do what’s right. So when his interest turned to our country’s issues, and the fall we’re headed for, he spoke out with warnings to turn back to God and the Constitution…
Dan Casey, Schaeffer’s SCUBA Diving Partner, 2013