SOS! Please help.

Dear Kelli,                                             May 8, 2018

     I’ve been stuck in solitary confinement since Friday, the 13th of April. It’s bad. I don’t have a write-up, I didn’t get in trouble, and there’s no reason to have me back in here in the Hole. They won’t give me access to my legal files. They won’t tell me anything about what’s going on. I’m literally and figuratively left sitting in the dark.
     The Muslim terrorists dusted up some drama that may have got me put back here in the first place. But it was all a bunch of rumors and crybaby stuff that blew over in a few days. Now I can’t figure out why I’m back here. But I sure hate it. Pray for me. Pray for the situation.
     It’s all about stopping me from telling my story and proving my innocence. Basically, it’s obstruction of justice, by the Department of Justice!
     There are two main things I want to see if you can make sure are being taken care of:
     Get Judicial Watch to take over my FOIA suit.
     Get my name on Freedom Coalition’s list of people Trump should pardon.
Can I count on you?
     I’ve sent multiple letters out asking Judicial Watch (JW) to be contacted about my FOIA suit. I know one of those letters was not let out. I don’t know if any of the others made it or not. Can you confirm?
     Without going into great detail, I’ve basically already won the FOIA except-like JW’s- to finish up the last 10% of the suit. But here’s the thing, in FOIA, the losing party has to pay the winning party’s attorney’s fees and costs. So if JW steps in and finishes that last 10% they can bill all the hours they want, and the Federal government will have to pay them! FOIA cases are real money-makers for JW. They just have to be convinced (by you and others) that my case is a case of political and public interest. That should be easy. I wrote about this extensively in the other letters I sent out. Hopefully they made it.
     The FOIA case is “3:17-cv-611 US District Court, Southern District Illinois, at East Saint Louis.” It’s on Pacer. It will reveal not only that I’m innocent, but it will expose all the corruption that put me in here, and who ordered it, and why. But I do need JW to help me finish what I started. I just pray they say yes. Even if they need me to pay them some money up front, FINE!
Now about this list of political prisoners the Freedom Coalition is asking Trump to pardon; I don’t know why I’m not on it! They say some of the founding members are: Sheriff Mack, Larry Pratt, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Ted Nugent, Tom Woods, Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch, and John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute.
     Larry Pratt is already a supporter. And John Whitehead testified for the defense at my trial (if I’m thinking of the same guy. He’s an FBI/ATF whistleblower.) I don’t know the other names there. I know who Sheriff Mack and Ted Nugent are, but I’ve never met either one. I heard that Sheriff Mack had some bad things to say about me. But I have to assume that he just doesn’t know the full story. At any rate, I’d really like to be included in their calls for Trump to pardon the Deep State’s political prisoners. I’m in prison for a hypothetical crime, in an imaginary future.
     Also, on the National Day of prayer, Trump created a liaison office for American Christians and churches. He said he wants Evangelicals to give him a report and recommendation on: how to end US government’s persecution of Christians, meaningful prison reforms, and how churches can help with opioid problems. I fit right in those first two. Maybe you could get my story to Trump through a posse of pastors. You’d have to take the initiative, or assign the job to someone who would. Because these creeps have me locked away in a deep dark dungeon, and keep blocking me at every turn. Kelli, I’m a smart, hand working, capable, responsible man; but I’ve been reduced to being as helpless as a new little baby. It IS TORTURE! Please help me.
     I know now how Joseph must have felt in Pharaoh’s jail when he asked the guy to plead for his release and he forgot. The guy got out of prison, went back to his old life, and forgot all about Joseph. He just left him hangin. Sad!
     Some good news, the Supreme Court just struck down the overly broad statutory definition of “any crime of violence.” Under the old definition “any crime which normally would create a substantial risk of physical harm to another” was a crime of violence. So, speeding was a “crime of violence” if it was your 3rd time, and over 100 mph. CRAZY! But now, thank to Gorsuch, it’s only “a crime of violence” if you did something violent.
     What this means for me is that I’m now legally classified as a “non-violent first time offender.” And it automatically reduced my offense level by 4 points on the Federal sentencing guidelines. So thats a cut and dry reason to give me a little bit nicer sentence than 27 years. It’s some good luck that I got my sentenced vacated on appeal, then a month later the Supreme Court changed the definition of “violent crime,” just in time for it to help me. Let’s hope these few drops of good luck turn into a spring rain shower of good luck.
     Who was your YouTube star friend you said I should in touch with? Jake? Jack? Jim? I told you I didn’t have any room for him on my contacts at this time. But now that my people are getting blocked left and right, I have room. Will you have him write me?
     I got a letter today from someone who said John Lamb got hit by a truck! What’s up with that? I hope it was an accident, not that gangster state stuff. Is he okay? I’m praying for him. I know what it’s like to be beat-up and bedridden. Did he have insurance or is this going to bankrupt him? Of course, the cost of insurance can bankrupt you in advance, just as easy.
     You said that you know of one or two attorneys who were patriots, and not out to rip people off. Now would sure be a good time for one of those guys to set up an attorney call with me. The longer I’m stuck in The Hole, the more I need to lawyer up. Can you have one of them call me?
     Everyone out there thinks I just went dark on communications April 13th. Nobody knows what’s going on or what ever happened to me. They are sending me letters saying how worried they are getting. It’s as if my letters to them never got there. So if you get this, please let the whole world know I’m still alive, but in desperate need of the help I outlined.
     I was not allowed to take anything with me to solitary. And it has been two and a half weeks before they would sell me anything off commissary. But now I have been allowed to buy: soap, stamps, batteries for my radio, writing paper, and peanuts. These little things really help to ward of madness. So I’m very deeply grateful to the people who have sent money orders to the BOP lockbox to go on my account. Each week when I buy some nuts, and enough batteries to listen to the world news, my receipt shows how much I spent and how much I have left.

     Yesterday, when I saw the receipt, it showed that the exact amount I spent, was the exact amount people had sent. What I used had been fully replenished. It was like 5 loaves and 2 fish net running out for a crowd of 5,000. It was like God telling me to fear not, because He would never forget me, and He would remind people to remember me in the exact amount of my need, just to remind me that it’s Him.
     For 7 years my fate has been hanging in the balance, unknown and uncertain. I don’t know if I’ll get out in a few months, or in 27 years, or never. I don’t know if attorneys will fight for me, or sell me down the river. I don’t know if I’ll be allowed to show the proof of my innocence, or if the CMU will block me. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to see my kids before they’re grown. I don’t know if I’ll ever get out of solitary confinement. It’s agony protracted beyond what any human mind can take. My hearts grasps for certainty, in any form. But none can be found. Then God moves in my spirit, as if to say “I have promised to never leave you nor forsake you. And that is all the certainty you need.”
     When I look at my circumstances, it’s far from hopeless. I’ve got so much going for me as far as getting out of prison and hopefully being fully exonerated. But my own hands are tied. My mouth is gagged. It’s like there are dry sticks laying all over the place in these woods, but I couldn’t gather them together and build a campfire to save my life. Even though I’m so freezing cold, and all I need is to sit by that glow. If I’m not going to freeze, God is going to have to send other to build that campfire. And I’m going to have to be a humbly grateful recepient of that rescue.
     Love truly is more powerful than corruption. We see this when people are moved by love for humanity, love for justice, and love of country to save the innocent from the cage. I love you all; and your love moves me to the verge of tears. God has seen fit to put my life in your hands. I trust Him and I trust you.

~Schaeffer Cox

PS: Please write back right away so I know if you got this. I feel like I’m stranded on a deserted island, stuffing messages in glass bottles and tossing them into the sea.

The number one top priority right now is to get JW to some other expert FOIA attorney to take over my FOIA suit 3:17-cv-611. It’s guaranteed money in the end. But I can still pay them some up front if need be. SOS! PLEASE HELP.

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