Skrocki and Caligula

I have been reading up on the Roman emperor Caligula lately. He loved to destroy families, slowly torture people, and get people to snitch out their friends. He was also big on civil asset forfeiture. He really embodied the essence of the Roman Civil Cult — which the Feds in Washington D.C. have brought roaring back to life and forced on modern America.

The Roman Civil Cult is really just self-worship, codified into a government, by the government bureaucrats and groupies who populate the very government they made for themselves. Caligula is like the archetypal role model for all the alphabet soup agency heads and the whole Federal system.

Caligula’s biggest legacy was his creative and far-reaching use of Rome’s federal conspiracy statute to get rid of his political enemies. How about that?

So I went back and re-read the sentencing memo that Skrocki wrote. Skrocki actually uses Caligula’s arguments and logic throughout. In several places he even quotes Caligula almost word for word as he argues for why I should go to prison for 35 years. (No credit given to Caligula, of course.) I don’t know if Skrocki was trying to be funny, or sly, or what. But it’s probably worth pointing out to the whole world that Skrocki is tracking 100% with an ancient satanic tyrant who routinely tortured young boys to death for entertainment at his lavish dinner parties, then would have the boy’s entire families murdered so there would be no risk of reprisals.

With just some casual research, you could put together some powerful comparison videos juxtaposing Skrocki’s words with those of his predecessor, Caligula. It’s truly stunning. It gave me chills.


–Schaeffer Cox

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