Sadistocrats that Run the Deep State


Here’s a short sum-up of how pedophiles work. In prison, child molesters are called “chomos” for short. I have dug up some profound insights into this ugliness over the past 7 years.

Grown men and women have an erotic attraction to each other that is mutual and natural. It’s a beautiful thing. But a child molester doesn’t have an erotic attraction to the kid they are abusing. What it is is that they have sexualized the power dynamic.

The chomo in his heart feels powerless, and it drives him nuts. He hates it. But relative to a helpless child, the chomo feels all powerful. Molesting the child is an act of superiority, dominance, and control. The chomo isn’t getting off on the pre-pubescent kid; they are getting off on their own sense of power relative to that kid. It is not love, like a man and a woman have; it’s a perverted self-obsessed vanity of power that requires a helpless victim.

This is also why we see such a high concentration of chomos holding positions of power within government bureaucracies. The same kind of person who gets off on dominating a clueless and helpless child sexually, also gets off on dominating a clueless and helpless citizen through regulation, litigation, and confiscation. It’s evil. Common, but very very evil. I have taken to calling bureaucrats with these tendencies “sadistocrats.” It fits, and describes them well. They are a wart on the face of humanity in every way.

This is why it’s so important that as we raise our children we never do stuff that makes them feel helpless or like they don’t have individuality and self-ownership. They need to see themselves as having power over their own lives. That way, they will not lust for power over other people’s lives, and develop all these kinds of problems.

When Noah got off the ark, God told him he could rule over the land, and the animals. But He did not tell him he could rule over other men. This is because man is made in God’s own image, and as such, we are entitled to a sacred autonomy that resembles that of our Maker. Only when we violate another’s sacred autonomy can we then be met with force.

Chomos and sadistocrats don’t have a grasp of this concept. They just have a compulsive need to be swinging a big stick, at small dogs, in a rigged match.

I did not understand this dynamic or how it worked when I came out against the child sexual abuse in Alaska. I thought the chomos were just a gaggle of marginalized sickos. What I found out the hard way is that they are practically the central institution of the Deep State, because the positions of vocational abuse have self-selected for power lusters who fit the chomo type.

–Schaeffer Cox

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