Riddle of the Ring

Dear Dad,

     You once asked me why it is that as all this FBI corruption comes to light, news commentators and political personalities always qualify their condemnations with the phrase; “but the rank-and-file in the FBI are good honest people.”

     What they are really saying is that Bilbo’s Ring Of Power isn’t bad. It’s just bad that he has it. If you would just give The Ring to me, all would be well.

     The “rank-and-file” of the FBI is The Ring itself. They are the actual power. The top administrators come and go, and simply represent who has that Ring on their finger at the moment. But as Tolkien wisely warned us, the Deep State is a Ring that possess and devours whoever puts it on their finger.

     This is the original sin proposed by the Serpent in The Garden. Eat of this fruit and you will be like unto God, determining what’s good and bad for you and for everyone else. The problem is not WHO is in power. Power itself is the problem. Because at it’s root, all power ever is is man trying to be like unto God. And there is no right way to do that. There is no way to succeed at what we are not designed to do. God created us to rule over the land, and the animals, but not over other men. If we could but let God be God, and man be man we would abide in satisfying peace. But like Lucifer, we lust to displace God. This is the hidden motive of the atheist. He knows that if God is dead, man is heir to His throne.

     Whenever someone condemns the secret police in general out one side of their mouth, while absolving the “rank-and-file” out the other side of their mouth, you can rest assured that in that person’s heart they are just hoping for a turn to slip The Deep State Ring on their own finger.


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