Resentencing Updates: Day 1

4:06pm…Day One is Done. Everyone please keep praying very hard. And thank you for the small crowd here. Thank you for those that showed up and thank you for those that did not. The small crowd is helping Schaeffer. The Judge wants to take a look at it overnight.

3:56pm…”You can shoot from the hip, but it’s better if you know what your target is.” Judge Bryan. “I need to take another look at this overnight.” He’s admitting there is no target and he is agreeing there was no one that was conspired with and he is admitting there is NO PLAN.

3:13pm…No witnesses for the Prosecution. There can be no conspiracy of a plan, since the “plan” was spoken by a government informant. And there cannot be a conspiracy with a government informant. Skrocki is lying and making up names for a hit list and he is speculating.

2:57pm…Charles Formosa, investigator, is taking the stand for Schaeffer.

2:24pm…Michael Anderson is taking the stand for Schaeffer.

2:01pm…Skrocki is trying to paint Schaeffer negatively. The Doctor is validating Schaeffers character as “socially fluent.”

1:38pm…The doctor explained that if nothing changes, Schaeffer is not a threat for violence.

12:31pm…The hearing will likely go into tomorrow as well. This is lunch break.

11:57am…The doctor described Schaeffer as a prepper NOT a terrorist.

11:20am…the defense just played the audio of Bill Fulton is trying to force Schaeffer to have a “plan” and he is mad because there was no plan. They also played the audio where Bill Fulton brags about attempted murder. Tweet where you can please.

10:46am…The doctor is using Schaeffers homeschool and Christian background as a negative impact.

9:41am…Dr. Cunningham, witness for the defense is taking the stand. Dr. Cunningham has discussed that all former diagnosis given to Schaeffer are INcorrect. The former doctor gave one diagnosis that doesn’t even exist.

9:33am… Schaeffer is in the courtroom and court has begun.

8:48am…Family and Friends are in Courtroom. Bill Fulton is here. Check the comments for the audio of Bill Fulton bragging about trying to murder innocent and peaceful people. Pray for Schaeffer.

5:33am…#BreakEveryChain #LetMyPeopleGo #Unleashed #Freedom#TimeServed

5:03am…#CountingDown! #Praying #Hoping #SendSchaefferHome#SchaefferCox I’ll be posting updates here throughout the day on how the hearing goes. A few people have contacted me wanting to come. Schaeffer and his defense team believe it will be counterproductive to have a crowd. Schaeffer is informed of your support. Whatever was decided, he is grateful. Angie Huntington Bundy and Andrea Olson-Parker

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