Resentencing Final Updates…It’s time.

Updates coming soon. Also, see Facebook.

Hello Everyone, This will be the post with the updates from today’s resentencing hearing. We are expecting the answer from the Judge today. We hope, #TimeServed.

The picture below is a picture of the North Star. As a sailor, Schaeffer appreciated the beauty and mystery of the stars. The North Star is known for holding still amidst the darkness. Because of this, even when people were lost, they could find their direction and be led home by this star. It is a symbol of finding your way home.

God, we know it is Your will for Schaeffer to be set free. So, we ask again, hear the cries of our hearts and #SendSchaefferHome. God, please! It’s time. Amen.

Standing in hope and courage,
Angela Clemons and all of Schaeffer’s Angels


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  1. Bradley Luciani
    November 6, 2019

    Almighty Father in Heaven hear our Prayers for Schaeffer Cox and his release from prison and all the injustice he has been served.

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