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REsentencing Hearing: Schaeffer and his defense team have requested that there NOT be a crowd at the hearing. They would like to reserve the hearing for family and a few long time friends. Thank you to everyone for praying from home. The details will be posted on this page as soon as possible on November 4th. Schaeffer is fighting for his life and the goal is to get Schaeffer home. Therefore, the admins of this page will support him in ALL his efforts to get home. #Freedom
Prayer and Fasting: Angie Bundy and her family are planning to fast this weekend for Schaeffer’s freedom and the goal of #TimeServed. Please join in on prayer and fasting.
A few supporters shared their prayers and they are too good not to share. Let’s join our hearts with theirs in #Unity. Thank you Liz, Rudy, and Melissa for sharing your prayers. See them in full at
“Holy Spirit, I pray that your peace will lay on Schaeffer like a silk blanket to calm all of his fears and anxieties regarding his resentencing. Send your Guardian Angels to stand at the entrance of the court room and to protect Schaeffer from any harm. Fill the space with your holiness.
Jesus bless those speaking in defense of Schaeffer with a clear mind and wisdom. Give them the words to say that could have only come from you.
Father God break the chains of oppression and slavery. Release your spirit of freedom. Grant Judge Bryan discernment that leads to a ruling of setting Schaeffer free.
Let it be.”
We are grateful for all that You have done for us. We know that it is You that controls the Earth and the Heaven and men’s hearts. We are grateful and give thanks to You for our own lives and ask that You continue to light our path to glorify Your Holy name. Your Holy Word commands us to remember those in prison. Therefore, we having boldness to enter the Holiest by the blood of Jesus, we petition You Lord, we ask of You Our Father to intervene in the re-sentencing of Schaeffer Cox on November 4th. Lord we ask that you do this so that You get the glory and Schaeffer will obtain his physical freedom as we know that He already has spiritual freedom because of the blood of Jesus. Lord we ask this in Your Name for Your glory. We also cry for justice and exposure of the wicked system and perpetrators who lied that sent Schaeffer to prison over 8 years ago and separated him from his children. Lord we pray that this situation with Schaeffer is used on a bigger scale to expose injustice across our land so that we might return to Your Holy Word as a guidebook for our living. We pray that You continue to protect and give Schaeffer the strength and courage to trust in You and call upon Your name in his time of tribulation. Lord, we thank You that we can ask things and no matter the outcome, we will continue to be grateful and trust in Your Holy Word and not abandon our brethren who have been unjustly incarcerated by the wicked. Let us honor You by the way we live our lives so that others will know Your love, Your grace and Your forgiveness and Your longsuffering Mercy. In the precious name of Jesus, do we offer this prayer. Amen.
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