Pardon Me?

PARDON ME?   By Schaeffer Cox – Innocent Political Prisoner

Dear President Trump,               (See also 31 Flavors of Unfair)

    The 9th Circuit’s ruling cleared me of any wrongdoing in real-life reality. I’m glad at least for that. But they left me on the hook for a hypothetical crime in an imaginary dystopian Mad Max/Road Warrior type future.

     The left-wing activist prosecutors (Joe Bottini and Steve Skrocki, the same ones who took out Senator Ted Stevens then got held in contempt of court for hiding the proof of his innocence) argued that my 2nd Amendment beliefs were proof that I was a criminal in the making. 

     They argued that if there was ever “Stalinesque martial law, mass arrests, and purges, at some undetermined and unknown point in the future, [ I ] Schaeffer Cox, would be compelled to take up arms against the government, be sufficiently armed and equipped to sustain a take-over of the ‘government’ or become a new government in the event of a ‘government’ collapse.” 

     This is not me taking what the prosecution said, and recharacterizing it to make it sound stupid and outlandish. That’s an actual quote. It’s how THEY described their case in chief.

      It is IMPOSSIBLE for them to prove that I would commit a crime in some hypothetical dystopian future. But it’s also impossible for me to prove that I wouldn’t. Because none of this has any connection to real life.

       I’m not guilty of a crime. I didn’t do anything wrong. I never hurt anybody. I’m an innocent political prisoner being held on the flimsiest of speculative pretexts. It’s all a big hoax. They don’t have a case, they just have a fake narrative they repeat OVER and OVER and OVER. 

      I know this is the part where I’m supposed to confess my sins and tell the truth. But the truth is, I was a young, cocky political figure who got to talking smack about the Deep State establishment and some of their less than savory activities in Alaska (i.e. officials sexually abusing Eskimo kids, then having the US Attorney block the honest local cops from investigating it.) and the powers that be really shut me up and showed me who’s boss.

      Now I’m just asking for some mercy from you, President Trump. I’ve got two young children who need their father back. I’m a normal and nice guy from a good family. My grand father was a WWII vet. My father is a West pointer. We are good Bible believing people. I would never hurt anyone. This whole case against me is a witch hunt. I’m not in prison for doing bad things; I’m in prison for telling powerful people not to.

      When you got elected, the Obama/Clinton political machine was rejected by the American people. They’re out of office. So it’s only right that their political prisoners should be out of prison.

       The FBI’s JTTF’s targeting and prosecution of their non-criminal political opponents was a project of Muller and Comey.

        They specifically said their goal was to lock up: Veterans, gun owners, Libertarians, Conservatives, and Christians; i.e. people like me.

          They were out to persecute the “Basket of Deplorables.” The FBI was not engaged in law enforcement. They were engaged in a domestic political disruption operation. So it didn’t matter if the people they targeted weren’t committing any crimes. The Left-wing activists on the JTTF would  just start chanting their standard issue mantra about how their target is a horrible villain. So the facts never even mattered. In my case, there WERE NO FACTS AT ALL, since it was all hypothetical speculation about some imaginary future.

         It’s a lynch mob mentality. Unfortunately, it works.  And it’s the same thing Muller did to you with this Russia collusion delusion hoax. They just march it forward and chant their slogans as they plough innocent people under. It’s ugly. It’s really unfair.

       President Trump, I love my country. I believe in the American people (not the Deep State). I want to see our economy strong. And I’m loyal to you.

        That’s my real crime. Not this hypothetical 1984 “thought crime” nonsense they hit me with. PLEASE, it is within your power to right this wrong. My children need me back. 

     The American people wanted the Obamas and Clintons out of office. That means they also want their henchmen out of a job, and their political prisoners out of prison. That’s your mandate. That’s your calling.

      Please pardon me across the board on everything. It’s the just thing to do. Obama’s political prisoners staying locked away in black site prisons is a black eye on this nation. These pardons are part of Making America Great Again. 

  You’ve got a friend in me,

–Schaeffer Cox   

(see attached letter from Larry Pratt, president of Gun Owners Of America, vouching for me and urging you to pardon me.)

Photo Courtesy of Matthew Short.

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  1. Karen Archer Hutchison
    April 23, 2019

    What a horrific predicament we’re in here. Schaeffer. How can we help besides cash? Letters? And to whom should we send and are there petitions started yet? I’ll be glad to donate what I can . Let me know. I’m so sorry for your plight…praying for you….

  2. M
    June 9, 2019

    I will send your letter once a week addressed to the President Mr Cox.

  3. Linda Anderson
    July 14, 2019

    This man is I believe being used by prosecutors. And the prosecutors are not following LAW’S they are using their personal feelings to judge a person not what they swore under oath to do is follow LAW’S. This Man Mr. Schaeffer is being falsely accused and should be pardoned I’ve Knowing his family and know they have the most respect for the LAW’S and I feel this in and injustice to how the law’s read.
    Please FREE Schaefer. He deserves his freedom. A pardon would be will deserved.

  4. Paige
    July 20, 2019

    THANK YOU!!! I will print this off and mail it to the White House every week!!!!!

  5. Sue Klevenski
    September 14, 2019

    Set him free! Quit covering the pedos!

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