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Schaeffer’s appeal posted today. The 9th circuit dropped solicitation so let’s hope they drop conspiracy. We are expecting Schaeffer to be moved any day and will keep you posted with his new address. 

A supporter has this to say…

“For the many of you who are grieving that Schaeffer is still in prison. The battle is not over! The defense team plans to file a motion…where they will present the new evidence that has been found by filing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.  Schaeffer is in an excellent position to have his conspiracy count completely overturned.  This would set him free immediately.  Conspiracy cases are typically associated with a crime that actually happened in the real world.  This is not what happened with Schaeffer.  His conspiracy was based on things that may or may not ever happen.  My hope is that Schaeffer’s case will go on to set a case precedent so that no one else can be held in prison based on a contingent conspiracy. Free Schaeffer Cox!” Read more here.

I am attempting to keep the website updated as well. Please see the prison blog and the court documents tab for more information.

Thank you,

~Schaeffer’s Angels 

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