Mount Everest

     They blamed the eleven recent Everest climbing deaths on overcrowding and inexperienced climbers. Really? I think that the nature of the mountain is more than likely what caused the deaths. 

    The newscasters who cover these stories make me want to go silent and shake my head in disgust. They are so stupid; up there pontificating about how to make climbing Mount Everest safe. They want the government to jump in and install safety rails, issue permits, and exert full ownership over everyone who sets foot up there. That way every slave-minded lame can reach the summit without danger. All thanks to the god-state and all the helpless ninnies who offer up prayers to it at the first sign of peril.

    But what about the danger of making a world that’s 100% safe? What about THAT danger? That would spell the end of adventure and the death of the soul. We’d all be in protective custody of one form or another. Honestly, that’s the biggest danger of all. 

   The deluded worshipers of the mystical entity we call “government” have a dream to rule the world as gods, and they always start by trying to rule their fellow mankind. But maybe we aren’t made to be ruled. Maybe the priests of state and their worship leaders in the fake news should just butt out and keep their mouths shut about things they can’t understand. I for one do not want them profaning the ethereal experience of mountaineering with their smug bureaucratic solutions. 

    I’ve been in those situations. I’ve had to discuss with my climbing partners what we would do with each other’s frozen corpses if it came down to it. Some wanted to be buried in the snow. Others wanted to be propped up facing the sunrise. I chose the sunrise. As I write this, buried deep in a secret dungeon, I am convinced that being propped up to face the rising sun, frozen in place for all eternity, isn’t that bad of a way to go. Those climbers were alive when they died. Which is more than most people can say. 

    Everest is it’s own gatekeeper. And it denied eleven people access last week. The only thing that’s needed right now is quiet reverence. People who can’t see that for what it is should just keep their mouths shut. Don’t cheapen their deaths with glib solutions.

Schaeffer Cox

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