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1-22-19 Schaeffer Cox on the Government Shutdown

The unionized prison guards in here have been working without pay since Christmas. They are starting to grumble quite a bit. But they have to keep coming in to work, or they’ll get fired. And since there has been a hiring freeze in effect since Trump took office, BoP can’t replace any of their zoo keepers who walk off the job. This could be a political jujitsu move to trim the fat off of BoP in a way that would have been impossible if attempted directly and openly.

The only way to reduce the prison population, is to FIRST reduce the staff. True story! Listen close:

The ugly truth is that all of us prisoners are nothing but a mask to hide the massive welfare program that is BoP. The ONLY purpose of the prison system is to feather the nests of it’s bloated workforce of do-nothing unskilled guards and administrative clowns. It’s been aptly described as “a self-licking ice cream cone.” The whole thing’s a totally unnecessary big government hand-out, and all conservatives should oppose it.

The Bible even forbids prison. Under Old testament Law, if you hurt someone, the judge made you work out some deal with the injured party to right the wrong. This allowed you to redeem yourself, restore the one you hurt, and not be a burden on society by sitting in a prison while your victim was left high-and-dry with no resolution. And if there was no injured party, they you couldn’t even be dragged into court in the first place. Because after all, in a free country you get dragged into court for a crime of injury against your neighbor; but in a country where the people are NOT free you get dragged into court for a crime of disobedience against the government. Mull that one over!

Back to the guards. They are all running out of money. I heard one say he has $25 to his name. Another said he had to ride a bike to work because he didn’t have cash for gas, and his credit card was over the limit. Some of them are no doubt making ends meet by sneaking in drugs and stuff for wealthy prison gangs. But some are quitting and going out and finding real-life jobs, doing tangible stuff that’s actually productive, that the free market will pay them for. One guy left to go fix farm tractors. Another one went off to install air conditioners and heaters. Two of them started a mobile butcher shop that goes around and processes people’s home-grown live stock into a freezer full of steaks. All of this is due to the Shut Down.

I’ve got no love for prison guards. But you know, I have to tell you, there was something beautiful about seeing those guards leave. They were getting out of prison. They — the guards — were getting their lives back. And it made me genuinely happy for them. It was like seeing someone you love get sober after years of wasted life. They quit believing the government’s BS promises, got off welfare, did something they could be proud of, and learned how to earn honest pay for honest work. I’m happy for them. I don’t want anyone to rot in prison, not the even guards.

Schaeffer Cox

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  1. Nancy
    January 25, 2019

    Shaeffer, you still are still highly intelligent….. You are so right!
    The shut down is over for 21 days…. so people can get paid….
    It’s a big chess game, but time is ticking as you very well know.
    People are frustrated with how slow things are progressing.
    Seems we have no choice but to watch to see what unfolds.

  2. Preston Wheeler
    January 27, 2019

    Schaefer, you came up to me at a gun show and offered for me to join a meeting several years before your situation came into play. I apologize for not taking you up on it. I understand the tactics and techniques the slave owners use for their immoral games. I am positive we could have set them up against themselves by using truth and having your own recordings and records to prove your innocence. I am taking up your torch and trying to educate people while telling the slave owners where to stick it using their own system against them. Praying for you and your family.

  3. SJ Bender
    February 3, 2019

    Your right, the shut down was a Blessing. So many, were freed from there own mental prison. Not just in Prison, but in our Government. We all found out 1/2 of our Government we do not need. But be prepared, if Trump does not get his wall, he will be declaring a national emergency Feb15th. And this time, it’s going to last alot longer.
    Sincerely, your sister in Christ
    SJ Bender

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