Little Green Men from Mars

“Our plan is to try to take Seth away from Schaeffer and Marti and we believe that will be sufficient to elicit a display of force at which point we will SHOOT ALL THREE of them.” Spoken by the Supervising FBI Agent attempting to provoke Schaeffer to violence by threatening to take away his child. 

“If they come for me, I’m not going to pull a Rambo; I’m going to pull a Ghandi.” Spoken by Schaeffer Cox during one of multiple attempts of the FBI informants to provoke him to violence. 

“I’m not going to shoot it out.” Spoken by Schaeffer Cox during another attempt of the FBI informant to get him to come up with a plan and agree to commit violence. Schaeffer held fast and NEVER agreed to ANY violent plan. 

Schaeffer Cox sits in an illegal, black site prison for the charge of Conspiracy to commit murder. There was no plan and no target. Therefore, the prosecutors made up a crime to charge Schaeffer and in doing so attempted to set a new precedent for the American people. The Judge agreed with the prosecutors that if “little green men from Mars” invaded earth and tried to kill anyone, that the “little green men from Mars” could be in danger if anyone tried to defend themselves against these “little green men from Mars.”  

Based on the dropped solicitation charge, Schaeffer is scheduled to be resentenced November 4, 2019 in Washington State. 

Pray for his freedom.

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  1. Eren Red
    October 14, 2019

    WOW! God be with you Schaeffer! You are a very brave, intelligent and passionate young man who has had your fatherhood and husband rights, privilege’s and happiness, stolen from you, your little boy and your wife, just because you were speaking the truth!! That sounds about right these days and many more days in the past and you are right, it is getting a lot worse and will continue to accelerate exponentially because of greed and desire for power. (“Sign of the Time ;)”. We all need to strengthen and nurture a true faith in Our Father and his Will, that by rights, the power displayed by governments of all our nations of late is allowed for a reason and, that power WILL be taken away, but not by man. Martial Law will be declared soon in most nations, especially those that disagree with what their Governments are playing at and dare to ask for reconsideration of actions via peaceful protest. Most governmental officials are either corrupt, sexual offenders, perverts, drug dealers and takers, (if not all of the above) who as you say receive payoffs to do as they are told (e.g. Last PM I believe, was supposed to be investigating allegations of child sexual exploitation and paedophilia with regard to certain members of government, prior to becoming PM and unfortunately documents strangely vanished, plus there was no vote or re-election in the matter of replacement. Just one bad apple being replaced by another bad apple from the same tree and another and another…. We have no say in the matter, nor in any other matter really, ‘fracking’, ‘deforestation’, ‘, ‘GMO’, ‘Genetic splicing and the creation of abominations’, ‘5G’, (when it knocks on our doors), ‘Social Credit’, ‘Chipping’, ‘Nuclear Power’, ‘Air, Land, Sea and Space Pollution’ etc. etc., it IS endless, and just like many other nations, the people who dare to disagree, have no say or place in any of these matters. Even when public are asked to vote on a matter, plans still manage to go ahead, even if 80%+ of public vote disagree. And, just like many other nations, peaceful protesters are targeted upon and most puppet media pastes a false picture of desperate people trying to exercise their God Given right of speech, as unlawful, violent hooligans. Most governments flat refuse to listen to the people and implement control by force via threatening behaviour/actions which IS often fabricated to suit I am sure, if ‘Challenging Behaviour’ is displayed, by any individual/or group of the people. I have witnessed this all my life and like you tried and am still trying to inspire as many as possible to make the world a better place for EVERY man, woman and child, rich/poor, as this is the least I can do as a parent and an Earthling man. I worry for my children’s future and other’s every day, or at least I used to until I finally realised that, according to scriptures, this all has to pass and it will get worse before the arrival of JC. Man can not solve the worldly problems alone and will be the cause of his own destruction… IF ALLOWED… It is not allowed to completely destroy the Earth however, IT IS only temporary. Our Father and JC will step in before man destroys the world, this I am sure of. Everything going on around the world on daily basis has definitely been amplified of recent and as prophecies relay. What’s to come is also happening right now and looking more and more as is written in scriptures.
    We are informed of new legislation’s and Laws on daily basis nowadays (How many LAWS has man made again? (= infinitely capricious) How many were originally made by Our Father??(=10) How many were reviewed by JC??(=2), of which encompassed the 10 from our Father. Now when we look at how many LAW’S have been made by man which often contradict the positives and make the original LAWS valueless for the people such as:- saying we have a right to data protection and people are supposed to be asked if they can have their photo’s taken prior to being taken yet numerous camera’s and facial recognition software that invades people’s personal data and whole lives really, are being installed and, they don’t even need to ask our permission to do it. How messed up is that?
    I am waiting for the mandatory installation of microchips next, to all civilians, or lose your right to live and I for one will refuse to wear the number of the beast nor will I allow my children to be chipped as if we were ‘domestic pets’ that could be returned to their owners if ever strayed. I for one will do my best to discourage others from being sheep-like to the Puppets and Puppet Masters and really think about what situation they are actually putting themselves in. The Governments are not our owners, Our Father is. The Governments are supposed to be selected by the people for the people, our aids and allies for humanity, and help prepare the best way forward for the present and future generations to come aren’t they?? Is that not how Governments were originally established? I mean 5G Networking setup is being introduced as progress and advancement to the future knowing full well the waves in 5G networking are the same used in microwave warfare and will be reducing population by causing an infertile generation or genetically mutated generation and a definite increase in cancer in young people and children, as a result of it. Did I get it wrong somewhere?? However it is also written that this has to be the way as the Father puts those in power for a reason I am sure of it… He implores us to leave vengeance to him when the time comes and to guard our own souls and encourage those around you to do the same AND AVOID the wicked. He does however, also implore us, to forgive our enemies, ‘…love thine enemies’…, Bless thine enemies and pray for them… which I have to admit, in my attempts to forgive enemies, is definitely one of the hardest things a person can do earnestly…. BUT WE MUST.. In order to stand a chance of being forgiven for all our own wrongdoings as no-one is PERFECT and all will and have made mistakes, and if a denial of known imperfections occur, will actually be breaking one of the commandments most offensive to Our Father. ‘Thou Shall Not Lie’ and he HATES liars so all who deny errors are actually condemning themselves to a sin the Father hates. (scary thought). I will openly admit this is not an easy task but one that may enable those whom have faith in The Father and The Son, to freely accept that the aforementioned are the only ones that can fix things and that things have yet to pass. I will pray you and your family remain safe and steadfast in the Faith of Our Father and that he may send one of his angels to free you from jail as he did for the prophets of the past and pray you be there for your wife and child for as long as you live as they will be needing you by their side in the near future, this I am sure of. Also be at peace to accept and hold on to the belief that we, as man, can not solve the problems ongoing as It has gone too far down the spiral pit and can not be undone by man alone. We need the help and The Will of Our Father along with the God Given Authority of his Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Unless Our Father or JC or an Angel approached you and told you to do what you are trying to do please I pray you do not waste any more of your precious life in a prison cell for the sake of something we can not fix as the Devil wins again as your beautiful family are missing their Patriarch of Protection that you could give them now and by their side and leave the rest to Our father and JC. Just please keep reading scriptures as every one has a different message, at a different time, dependent on what Our Father wishes to reveal, in order to provide you and your family strength as a unit for what is yet to pass. Stay safe, think safe, be safe, build the Faith and strengthen each other via scriptures and gatherings with like minded brothers and sisters and steer your ships well away from the wicked’s path of destruction. I do pray you are exonerated along with praying for all who Our Father Wills to remain steadfast and build on their Faith in the True LORD Our Father and reach out to Our Lord Saviour JC Amen xxx God Bless and help us all as he Wills in the name of Jesus the Christ, Messiah Amen? xxx Love from another Kindred soul <3 love and strength to all of yours and others as is the Will of Our Father, Amen x <3 x

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