Little Green Men from Mars

“Our plan is to try to take Seth away from Schaeffer and Marti and we believe that will be sufficient to elicit a display of force at which point we will SHOOT ALL THREE of them.” Spoken by the Supervising FBI Agent attempting to provoke Schaeffer to violence by threatening to take away his child. 

“If they come for me, I’m not going to pull a Rambo; I’m going to pull a Ghandi.” Spoken by Schaeffer Cox during one of multiple attempts of the FBI informants to provoke him to violence. 

“I’m not going to shoot it out.” Spoken by Schaeffer Cox during another attempt of the FBI informant to get him to come up with a plan and agree to commit violence. Schaeffer held fast and NEVER agreed to ANY violent plan. 

Schaeffer Cox sits in an illegal, black site prison for the charge of Conspiracy to commit murder. There was no plan and no target. Therefore, the prosecutors made up a crime to charge Schaeffer and in doing so attempted to set a new precedent for the American people. The Judge agreed with the prosecutors that if “little green men from Mars” invaded earth and tried to kill anyone, that the “little green men from Mars” could be in danger if anyone tried to defend themselves against these “little green men from Mars.”  

Based on the dropped solicitation charge, Schaeffer is scheduled to be resentenced November 4, 2019 in Washington State. 

Pray for his freedom.

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