Liar Cop Avery Thompson

Avery Thompson was the cop who wrote up the affidavit in support of the search and arrest warrants for me. It was amazing how he just made up spooky stories out of thin air, then swore to it under oath. If he had not lied like that, my case could not have even happened. They would have had to admit that I was not doing anything criminal, and drop it.

The worst thing Avery Thompson did in my case was in the days leading up to February 19th, 2011. He had his informant (JR Olson) call up my friends and tell them that I had called a meeting for February 19th. I had not called any such meeting. But they were told that I had. Avery then told JR Olson to get me and my friends to plot murder and mayhem at this meeting on the 19th. JR Olson did his best to steer the conversation that way, but failed miserably anyway. Trouble is, Avery had already written up a fantastical-lying-affidavit that impossibly claimed to describe — in grandiose detail — all the horrible things that “were said at this meeting.”

GOT THAT? Avery is writing up an affidavit that impossibly claims to be describing events that have not even happened yet. So at best, Avery was writing up what he HOPED might happen at that meeting. At worst, Avery was simply fabricating perjury in advance.

So then, in the early morning hours of Feb 19th, Avery sent JR Olson off on his mission to get us to plot murder and mayhem (hopefully in line with what his lying pre-written affidavit vividly describes). Then Avery drove straight down to the state courthouse and filed his lying affidavit at about 8:00 am. But our meeting didn’t even start until about 9:00 am, and wasn’t over until well after noon! That’s where Avery busted himself — the date/time stamp from the court, pre-dating the meeting. (By the way, Mike Anderson caught this when we were all still in the Fairbanks Jail together. That’s when Anderson knew the case was all hogwash.)

To top it all off, the Feb 19th meeting went the 100% opposite direction of what was described in Avery’s lying affidavit. Not only did we NOT plot murder and mayhem, I announced that would “be like Gandhi not Rambo” and that I was “fleeing the country” because “nut jobs like Bill Fulton and Aaron Bennett were out of control,” and “I wanted to get far away from their foolishness, because that’s what’s best for my family.”

But it was too late. Avery had already filed his lying affidavit. It was already date/time stamped into the court record. He could not take it back, even though the recording of the meeting completely contradicted his written-in-advance perjury. He was committed to his lie. So they just rail-roaded the lie right on through by brut force and peer-pressure. Now here I am, 10 years later, still in prison, over Avery Thompson’s lies.

Legally, Avery’s lies fall into a special category. They are not just “possibly untrue,” or even “probably untrue.” They are what’s called “impossible evidence.” In other words, the courts supposedly “have to act to correct it” because it was not simply a credibility call. It’s literally impossible.

Unless Officer Avery Thompson has a time-machine, there is no possible way that he can file an affidavit about who said what at a meeting, BEFORE that meeting has even taken place! It’s IMPOSSIBLE! AND, we have the audio tapes that show the opposite of his affidavit to be true!! But “details” like that don’t matter when the lynch-mob is out to get Schaeffer Cox. So, again, here we are.

If, however, Avery’s sins have found him out, then now is the time to follow up on this.

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