“I’m NOT going to shoot it out.” Schaeffer Cox

“I’m not going to shoot it out.” Schaeffer Cox…an innocent man in prison even though NO crime was committed by him. (See FreeSchaeffer.com).

Schaeffer Cox is being held in a secret prison for “conspiracy to commit murder.” The video above was not allowed to be played at his federal trial. There is no other reason that Schaeffer Cox is currently being held in prison except conspiracy. He is NOT being held on any other charges. The solicitation charge was dropped in August of 2017. He has already served the time for the other bogus charges. His case was a state case, in Alaska. The Alaska court was allowed to hear the evidence and they threw the whole case out.

Let’s ask Judge Bryan, the residing Judge for Schaeffer’s resentencing, which is scheduled for November 4, 2019, to do the right thing and set Schaeffer Cox FREE!

Send all letters to: Michael_Filopovic@fd.org

If you want your letter on this website blog, please also send it to schaeffercox@gmail.com.


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  1. Kristy Thomas
    April 15, 2019

    IF he wasn’t trying to commit a murder or hire someone to do it for him, then technically there was no crime. So no charge should have been filled against him.
    So, yes, he is a free man imprisoned illegally.

  2. April 16, 2019

    I hope they don’t fry your brain like they did mine.
    I left Illinois over 40 years ago after the cops tried to frame me and then drugged and ha gave me electroshocks, bad place, real bad. Everything dropped! I believe in your innocence! Hang tuff. All my accusers are suffering more than I did! We have a just Good. Give Him the Glory. Don’t lose Faith….

  3. September 15, 2019

    Dear Judge:
    We are not living in times that are equivalent to any recent time.
    There are coming to Light more and more cases of abuse from the United States of America judicial, legislative, and executive branches.
    It might seem expedient to just not call attention to one’s self in these terrible times,
    but that is cowardice. Besides this, many other people in government are doing every thing that they can to honor the Constitution of the United States, not just as civilians, but as Judges!
    Our forefathers were no simple or naive people. The way things are right now is as a castle in the sand, at best, but more like a stack of cards.
    I don’t know what unfathomable pressures you might be under; considering that I am VERY naive.
    I do know that there are those who have broken no laws and yet, are in prison.
    I don’t know how you feel about Schaeffer Cox. I know that he was attempting to do for Americans, quite unselfishly, to increase liberty, and adherence to the Constitution. Please do all that you can to cause a full release of this person. I just beg of you to do this. Many people can not eat or sleep knowing his torments. It is evil to lead into captivity. The very New Testament says that those who leadeth into captivity will be lead into captivity. I thank you for reading this, secretary and Judge.
    With love that passes all understanding, I bid thee fare well.

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