June 7th Big News!


I just got some big news. The U.S. Supreme Court has scheduled my case for a “conference hearing” June 7th, just a few weeks from now. This is less than a full blown grant of certiorari. But it’s still good.

When the solicitor general responded to our petition, we got our foot in the door. When the court scheduled us for a hearing, we got a lot more than just a foot in the door. Only one in about ten thousand cases gets a hearing like this. So this is a great sign.

The Court will do one of three things: Throw out my charges altogether. Uphold my charges and set horrible new precedent. Or they will make a ruling only on the questions of law (as opposed to specific facts related to me) and remand my case back down to the 9th Circuit with instructions to re-hear it using the correct legal standard this time.

The question that The Supreme Court is looking at is: “Is it okay to send a man to prison for a hypothetical crime in some imaginary future that is so far flung and fantastical that it would never ever come true in real life?”

The prosecution is saying; “as long as the defendant – in his own private mind – subjectively thought that the imaginary future could be a real possibility, then it’s okay to prosecute him for the thought-crime, even though he didn’t do anything and never would have done anything. Under conspiracy law, it’s only the thought that counts.”

The defense is saying; “in order to prosecute someone for conspiracy, it has to have some sort of a connection to real life. Because a conspiracy has to be an agreement between two real life people to do something illegal, and without any specifics for the conspirators to agree to, there can be no agreement. This is just a crazy overreach that could send people to prison for having a bad dream in their bed at night. It should be what you actually do that counts. Not what thoughts crossed your mind. And how could we possibly know people’s thoughts anyway?”

We will see what the Court decides. Pray like my life depends on it. Because at the moment, it sort of does. I still can’t believe we are even asking these questions. I figured the “Thought Police” were only in syfy movies and George Orwell novels. I guess I was wrong. When the State plays God, it always does it poorly.

–Schaeffer Cox

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  1. Jared Richardson
    June 8, 2018

    Schaeffer Cox a true American Hero and the Undisputed quintessential symbol of the barbarism of the United States corporate government, the deceit lies and Corruption from within the United States should be taught in every classroom from here on out that THIS US INC./government is one of deception and lies and as long as the public is not looking it does what it wants to do. The United States in the past could claim a moral High Ground when it came to International diplomacy, but that was lost on 9-11-2001. The educated people of the world then realized the deception that has infiltrated the US government all the way to the presidency… The United States wars were about stealing money from the American public and extorting the rest of the world with its lies… But wait how can this be the Republic which I pledged allegiance to every day in school through till High School… this Pledge of Allegiance was not to a u.s. government Incorporated nor was it to any corporate City Township or state my allegiance was pledged to a republic for which freedom and liberty will be held in the highest regard and protected from the tyrannies of government, who then should protect the Republic since it is not in existence today in the form of government? We the People is the answer, Schaeffer Cox knew this and was reminding others of that simple fact, we the people who formed this more perfect union this Republic, We the People, demand Schaeffer Cox to be set free and Justice to be done. The deception and lies from within the US government Incorporated, towards all the people, America has been a symbol of freedom not the United States incorporated or the US government Incorporated this deception is the Forefront of the inevitable conflict between the ideals of a nation which was born a nation a republic for which I pledge allegiance to and the inevitable corruption from within government of the US political politicians… right this ship which is being pirated by politicians in Washington DC and the government itself within the justice department the FBI and the executive and judicial branches of government are completely corrupted we the people demand change and are coming for it! the political thieves of this country are its own politicians and officials within the government these are the political enemies of the state and the Republic. true Americans like myself and Schaeffer Cox and the millions of others who care about Liberty and freedom and who would stand up to tyranny in the wake of such a corrupt government, have just been sleeping until the quintessential Targeting of Schaeffer Cox by the United States corporate government. It is a huge slap in the face and a wake-up call to all those who have been miss educated indoctrinated whatever, you should call it by the public school indoctrination that this country is only as good as the people within it and we the people are supposed to hold the power yet government has become bigger than the people and we’ve allowed it,– Schaeffer Cox never should have spent one day in prison , nor even been investigated it’s the government that should have been investigated for all of the wrongs against the United States Constitution its founding fathers and the ideals of Liberty … You stand in the Statue of Liberty and you read the inscription it is not what the United States stands for today and that is a sad fact but it is what God stands for, the freedom for all people to understand their unalienable rights, and the protection of those rights should come from the government of we the people instead we the people have depended on our government to provide that shelter and it is never really ever was, it is always been the People who have had the power to protect each other and Schaeffer Cox understood this …-
    -shame on you all, in Washington DC you are a disgrace to all of humanity. I can only hope that Schaeffer Cox and his forgiveness will save you in the afterlife because the US government has broken all natural law to put him in jail. What has been done to this man by the corporate politicians that included the Department of Justice and the FBI among other high officials it’s disgraceful, it’s treason, and Schaeffer Cox Story will now be in kindergarten books all across America in no short time because it will revolutionize the education system and our image of ourselves of what we thought freedom was and what we now know freedom is not. I can only ask the few souls in government who may still have an ounce of decency and credibility left to put forward your greatest ideals of what freedom and liberty are and immediately release Schaeffer Cox so that our world we can leave a better place for our children rather than one of Oppression dominance and slavery that’s if there are any souls in government at all to begin with?

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