I Stand with Gavin Seim!

I stand With Gavin
Nov 30, 2017 
Dear World,

I stand with Gavin Seim. I also know there are lots of good men in law enforcement. The MPs saved my life! They are good men. But they had to save it from the gagster state that was trying to murder me. Anyone who is talking bad about Gavin needs to cut the guy some slack and look at the bigger picture. He’s just trying to help.

Taken one at a time, cops are usually good people. But the system they work for and the “authority” they obey is out to defile humanity. A good man who obeys evil orders and does things he would never think of doing if it was left up to him, has betrayed his own humanity first, and his fellow man second.

We must resist evil ourselves, and do all we can to break the spell that this reincarnated Roman Civil State has cast on otherwise good people by the use of ritualistic pageantry and authoritative pronouncements. The Roman Civil System we live under today the same as it was 2,000 years ago. It is a salacious religious cult of government where men worship themselves as gods and violently force others to submit or die. But right is right and wrong is wrong. And no badges, or robes, or dome-topped Roman temples in Washington D.C. can change that.

“There is no such thing as government; there are just people like you and me getting one over on people like you and me.” Meditate on that mind-blowing fact for the time it takes you to finish your tea. You’ll realize it’s true!

We are all people, and we are all neighbors. When someone thinks they can stop acting like a good neighbor, just because they put on a government hat, they deserve to be rebuked back to their senses by their neighbors. Gavin’s not a bad man for doing that. When he would become a bad man is if he was unwilling to forgive someone who changed their ways and started respecting their fellow man again.

I stand with Gavin Seim, and with anyone else who believes in being a good neighbor.


~Schaeffer Cox

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