The Ranchers are Out!

Hi guys,

I just heard the GREAT NEWS!!!! The Ranchers are out. I’m filled with joy! Even though I’m still stuck in this black site torture prison, I feel a little bit free today. I saw Cliven on TV and it made me glow with happy hope!

When I watched the Front Line TV special on the Ranchers a few months ago, all I could think of was “this is an iconic struggle taking place.” It was black-masked storm troopers, who are iconic of the satanic Globalist, trying to round up and kill the cowboys, who are iconic of the American spirit of free and independent self-realization on the open range. It was as iconic as Darth Vader trying to kill John Wayne.

I listened to the spooky TV voiceover guy characterize the Ranchers as bad, dangerous criminals we should all fear and hate, and characterize the BLM storm troopers as the brave and selfless heroes who risk their lives to weed the crazies out of society. But his super deep propaganda voice was drowned out by the images I saw on the screen. The video footage was un-spinable. What the voiceover said didn’t matter at all. I was watching with my own eyes the American Cowboy going extinct like the buffalo. I was watching from a secret prison as foreign-paid troops killed my county on TV. It was traumatic for me.

Long ago, an old British friend of mine told me about flying from England on an RAF bombing run to Germany, then returning to the soul-sapping sight of his home city in flames and rubble. The destruction was so bad he couldn’t even find a place to land. He had to ditch in a field near the remains of the city. He described how he felt when when he saw the destruction of his home, knowing that his family was lost, and his country had fallen. He said his heart fell into his stomach and his breath left him. I didn’t understand it at the time. But when the Feds blasted their way into my home in a pre-dawn raid and threw my screaming wife and toddlers to the ground, I knew. When I saw the Feds murder my countrymen with glee, I knew. And when I watched it all from a secret prison, I knew.

And I knew what the Ranchers would face. I knew the torture. I’d seen the death of many a man’s body. And I had seen the death of many a man’s soul. I wanted to write the Ranchers letters of encouragement. But I could not. The Prison would not allow it. And so I crafted the wisdom I would have told the ranchers into a pair of parables, and called it Needles and Lions. Then I sent it out to the world like a rolled up message in a bottle, knowing that perhaps one day it would make it’s way to the Ranchers who inspired it.

That day has come. They are free. And no prison Gestapos can tell me I can’t speak to them now! Will you guys make sure that they read Needles and Lions? It was written for them.

I would love to hear from them if they are able. My case is FULL of BRADY violations just like theirs. So maybe if we hound on that issue, I will be able to hug my patriot brothers on the other side of the wall before too long.

Schaeffer Cox

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  1. The case of Schaeffer Cox was a travesty of justice and I will not see this Republic in any favorable light until our political prisoners are set free. As one myself, I have gone through nothing compared to some of these fine people. Folks that had good lives and love of God and country only to have those who captured the flag attack them for their anti-God anti-freedom COLLECTIVIST agendas. I stand with them and I stand with Schaeffer!!! #ItMattersHowYouStand

  2. April 26, 2018

    1. Title 18 USC “out of the jurisdiction of any particular state” (from beginning to date).
    2. Harris v State of Alaska, Void for vague cited in your Fairbanks misdemeanor case: treachery the conceal what persons are included and what acts are prohibited, they may be as much of a TRAP…
    3. US v Cruikshank etc, no jurisdiction over conspiracy wholly within the state, etc

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