Let Freedom Ring!

Hi Everyone,

I have really GREAT NEWS! Larry Klayman is now officially on my defense team for the open civil cases! These cases reveal how I was set up by the FBI and destined for life in prison. Larry is no stranger to the spot light and he has a good plan in to help set me free! I’ve only received 221 pages of the 512 pages requested in this SEVENTH dump of discovery. I should have had all this BEFORE my trial. They withheld enough exculpatory evidence to have exonerated me and prove all their charges to be false. My pardon petition is almost done and ready to head to Trump’s office. Let’s hope Larry gets it directly into Trump’s hands and Trump does the right thing and pardons me. Remember this is the same lawyer who helped obtain the pardon for Sheriff Joe Arapio….. https://www.freedomwatchusa.org/klayman-the-president-shoul… and also worked with Cliven Bundy to assist in his full dismissal of all charges. Here is a great interview with Klayman on the Bundy trials: https://www.libertynation.com/bundy-mistrial-exclusive-int…/

All of this great helps doesn’t come cheap. If you can help donate to my defense fund, please do so at the PayPal link on this post. I need your help to get this mountain moved. www.paypal.me/SchaefferCox

“Let Freedom Ring!?

What is the sound of freedom?
What is the voice of Victory?

It is a silent, inward expression
And I am reminded often,

No Free Man can be caged.”

Thank you for any help you send my way,
~Schaeffer Cox
www.freeschaeffer.com #freeschaeffercox

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