Good Luck, Bad Luck? It’s too early to tell.

Well, the motion that would have let me on out in September was denied. This is a set back.

Good luck; bad luck? It’s too early to tell. Some times God likes to pin you against the sea before He parts it.

But it did sort of knock the wind out of me when I read the email saying it was denied. So I’m going to go sip a cup of hot water, imagine it is tea, go to bed early, and in the morning face the next battle with gentle, surefooted resolve.

All is well. Thank you for sticking with me. We will win this still. And when we do, we will have won far more than a single battle or a passing war.

–Schaeffer Cox

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  1. B L
    March 3, 2019

    Schaeffer –

    I watch your now infamous video from time to time. It’s so profound, it never fails to inspire and give me goosebumps.

    You’re a good man, hang in there!

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