God’s Love

     How do I keep a pure soul in such an unjust world?  That’s a question I may not be the most qualified to answer.  I’m hardly an objective source.  But I do know what you are asking.  I’ve seen people in prison who are so bitter that they literally physically rotted from the inside out, and died an early death.  I have also seen people who had a joy that endured even the worst of torture. I think one of the main reasons men fear battle is because it shows us who we really are.  

    I’m not bitter.  I’m also not full of fear.  And I do still have love in abundance.  The Bible says that perfect love casts out fear. And the most oft repeated phrase in the whole Bible is “Fear Not.”  

    Fear is the root of nearly all bad things: We fear we won’t have enough, so we refuse to be generous.  We fear what people will think of us, so we act fake.  We fear we will be taken advantage of, so we avoid deep relationships.  We fear we will fail, so we don’t even try.  We fear evil will prevail, so we try to become more evil than the evil that would overcome us.  This all begins and ends with fear.     

    But love really does conquer all.  It really does cast out fear.  Fear is like a silent prayer to Satan.  It welcomes him into our hearts and praises his works.  No wonder God, in His kindness has told us over and over and over to “fear not.”  God is Love, He tells us.  Love casts out fear.  And His Love is a gift.  So the fact that I’m okay and still have some purity and kindness really just comes down to the fact that I am the recipient of a gift:  God’s love.

~Schaeffer Cox

Thank you Angie Huntington Bundy for sharing these words.

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  1. Effie Webb
    January 21, 2021

    I was on this site hoping to hear that Trump had pardoned Schaeffer Cox. I will continue to pray for his release.

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