I DO believe God’s law is Supreme


    Good News!! Thanks to your help, we were able to get my sentence reduced to nearly HALF of what it was. Bad news: The corrupt Deep State prosecutor is appealing, saying I shouldn’t have been given the reduction. I’ll explain in a bit.

    But first, a story.

    Will you please send this foreign dollar to my twelve year old son for his birthday? I haven’t been able to see him since 2012 or be with him on his birthday since I was illegally thrown in this prison. I haven’t been able to be there to teach him things a father should teach his son. He’s getting another year older without his dad there. And since I can’t be there with him, I’d like your help in doing something special for him.

     When I was a boy his age, I collected coins and currency from foreign countries and far-off lands. It all started when my family members would return from overseas trips with some strange looking colorful bills they had brought back as souvenirs for me. I kept my collection in a little gray Craftsman toolbox with a red combination lock on it. Every boy has a treasure box for sentimental items, right? That was my treasure chest for all sorts of things. And while the worth of those bills didn’t amount to much in dollars, the lesson they have come to symbolize is priceless.

    You see, I come from a big family of pastors and missionaries. I remember as a little boy praying that my big sister would be safe as she snuck in and out of communist China to get supplies to missionaries there. Similarly, I remember sitting on my grandfather’s knee, as he explained to me that my parents were on a dangerous mission to share the gospel in the communist bloc countries of the USSR. Still to this day, my aunt and uncle are risking death or imprisonment to smuggle Bibles into a closed country where Christians are persecuted.

    Because the missionaries in my family went mainly to countries where the communist government bullied Christians, my little coin and currency collection came from the most Godless and evil governments on the planet. The bills depicted various officials and party bosses standing proud and glorious, arms outstretched over the loyal and subjugated masses. The pictures on that money conjured up an aura of permanence around the political system. Like the state would last forever. But you know, if I went back to my little gray toolbox, and opened the little red lock with the combination I still remember, could show my son every colorful bill and tell him the story of collapse that goes with each one.

    All those governments? Gone, fallen, vanished like a vapor. The mighty Soviet Union? Nothing but a memory. All those self-important government officials?

    Nothing but a face no one can identify, on a bill no one will take. In fact the only value those bills have left is as an object lesson from a father to a son.

    I’d tell my son of all the things that are no more. I’d show him on those bills the pictures of dictators, and government palaces, and empires that disappeared. But you know what didn’t disappear? The Christians that they persecuted. Those little underground house churches that my father and mother ministered to in secret; they’re still there. And though the law enforcement and prosecutors in those countries harassed them, and arrested them, and put on show-trials, and put them in secret prisons (like the one I’m in right now), those simple, pure-hearted believers proved more durable than the mighty bureaucracies of man.

    I want my son to know this. He knows the government took me away and buried me in this prison. He needs to see the rest of the story. He needs to know how it ends. He needs to hold those bills in his hand and consider how governments come and go, but God’s people last forever. This is the story which has unfolded in China and is currently unfolding in other countries such as Venezuela, and dare I say it, America too. It’s the story this note will soon tell. Would you send it to my son for his birthday? Please?

    Did you know that my prosecutor said in a written pleading to my judge: “Francis Schaeffer Cox believes that God’s Law is superior to man’s law. Because people generally cannot be rehabilitated from such beliefs, the government is requesting the maximum possible sentence of 35 years to life.”

    He’s right on both counts: I do believe God’s Law is supreme, and no amount of prison or torture or bureaucratic abuse can change my mind.

    My prosecutor and his Deep State friends are atheists, just like the party bosses on the defunct money in my little gray toolbox, and on this Chinese dollar. If God is dead, man is heir to His throne. That’s why these guys are atheists and hate Christians. Not because they actually believe there is no God, but because they need their atheist doctrines to be accepted so that their official power will go unquestioned.

    It’s the same sin that the Serpent presented in the Garden of Eden. He said don’t accept God’s Law as supreme. Make yourself and your own law supreme. Here, eat of this fruit and you will be as gods, defining good and evil, for yourself and everyone else.

    One of the great things about church is that not only does it connect us to God, it reminds us that we are not God.

    This is why so many mayors and governors are just using this COVID-19 scare as an excuse to bully Christians and outlaw church. These mayors and governors want to be as gods. So just like Prince John hated it when people would get together and talk about the true king, King Richard, these mayors and governors hate it when people get together and talk about the true God, the God of the Bible.

    I hear of governors telling Christians they can’t even do church services by radio, alone in their cars. It’s actually not shocking to me. Because I’ve spent the last 7 years in a secret prison where it’s against the rules to pray without written permission. If they catch you engaging in unauthorized prayer, they handcuff you and throw you in solitary confinement for a few months.

    The fact that the Federal government secretly does this – right here in America – really shows you what’s in their hearts, and what they have in store for all Christians.

    But you know, President Trump doesn’t have an evil heart like that. At every turn I see him standing in the way of those who persecute Christians.

     Did you know that on his first day in office Donald Trump disbanded the FBI program that targeted me and set me up? All that program did was persecute Christians! Trump wasted no time shutting it down. That’s good. We should thank him and support him. But here I sit, still buried in a secret Deep State prison.

    Would you send a letter or postcard to Trump asking him to please pardon me? And also pray every day that God would move Trump’s heart to pardon me?

    Even if Trump would not pardon me, all he’d have to do to free me is order the FBI to release my case files to the public. Then the truth would come out just like it did for General Michael Flynn, who was recently exonerated.

    I had a sentence of twenty seven years. With your help, we won some legal battles and got that reduced to about 15 years. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Thank you. Your help brought us that victory. As it sits, I have four and a half years to go. That’s still an injustice. But it’s way better than having twenty years left to go.

    When I got back to my cell after getting my sentence reduced, I stood there looking up at the concrete ceiling, with my arms stretched out above me, and I just poured out thanksgiving to God for His mercy and for the kindness He had shown me, THROUGH YOU. If I could have, I would have hugged you.

    May God bless you seven-fold for your loving kindness and faithful generosity.

    I can survive four more years, most likely. Though my friend who was beheaded by ISIS in here recently was only months from the gate. So none of us are promised tomorrow. Or even the rest of today. But if I don’t die, I can wait four more years. To me, it is bearable. But for my 12 year old son, and my 9 year old daughter, those four lost years are the golden days of their childhood.

    This is why I’m still fighting to get the rest of my case file, and overturn my false conviction completely. If you can, if you are able, would you send a modest donation so we can continue our winning streak? $25 or $50 would be enough. But more would help that much more.

    The godless prosecutor who put me in prison for honoring God’s Law in my heart will soon fade away and be forgotten. Just like the faces on those old Russian rubles or the Chinese yuan. But what’s going to last forever is the kindness that you have shown me and my family. Like those little underground house churches my parents ministered to in the Soviet Union, your faithfulness and generosity will outlive the prosecutor’s hatred and lies.

    That’s a priceless lesson that God is teaching to me, to my son, to you, and to all of us. Thank you so much for being a part of something so beautiful, in the midst of what started out so ugly. God has woven you into my life, and woven it all together for good. I want my son to see and touch and feel this lesson. He’s old enough to understand now.

    Would you send my son this foreign currency for his 12th birthday?

    Would you please sign the enclosed postcard and send it to President Trump?

    And would you, if you can, donate modestly so that we can keep fighting for the stubbornly-corrupt-FBI to release my case files?

    It sure feels good to be winning!! When I get out, we should get together and celebrate. You’re a godsend. Thank you!

Long Live the True King,

~Francis Schaeffer Cox


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  1. Chris Weston
    August 28, 2020

    President Donald Trump,

    Thank you for the good things you are doing for America. I ask as well that you excuse, release documents to the public for, and release from prison – Schaeffer Cox.

    Thank you.

    Sincerely, Chris Weston

  2. Chris Weston
    August 28, 2020

    Please send my above postcard to President Trump.

    Thank you,

    Chris Weston

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