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Schaeffer Cox is an American Patriot who has been falsely imprisoned by the United States government. Please help end Schaeffer's unjust imprisonment and return him home to his loving family. All donations go towards supporting Schaeffer's legal defense fund as he seeks justice for his support of the Second Amendment.

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Schaeffer needs your help to continue his fight against injustice. We are accepting online donations via Pay Pal and offline donations via cash, check of money order. To access the offline options please click on “Offline Donation” under Select Payment Method.

Schaeffer and his family thank for your support.

Donations can be made by check, credit card or Pay-Pal. Credit card donations must be made through the website as we don’t have the systems to process them offline. Contact us with any questions.

Schaeffer uses the money you donate to him to further his fight for justice and expose the corruption that has falsely imprisoned him. Donations help:

  • Pay for Schaeffer’s legal representation. Schaeffer needs over $19,000 to pay for investigators and legal support in the next 90 days to gather proof of his innocence. He only has 90 days before his next trial.
  • Pay for filing fees for FOIA suits to get access to information Schaeffer needs to win his case. Each suit costs $1700 just to file!
  • Keep Schaeffer in touch with his attorneys, family, and supporters by providing access to phones, email and copy/printing credits. This costs over $400 every month.
  • Keep Schaeffer healthy by supplementing his poor prison diet with additional food. This costs an average of $11 per day.
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