“Do Not Arrest Him”

Even the prosecutors agreed that Schaeffer Cox should NOT be arrested and that he had NOT crossed the line in his speech to warrant any security concerns. Schaeffer’s resentencing is scheduled for November 4, 2019 in Washington State. #FreeSchaefferCox

On 03/25/2010, Prosecuting Attorney Bottini stated at an Anchorage meeting that Cox has not yet crossed a line in his statements on which the issuance of subpoenas or national security letters would be appropriate.

On 04/05/2010, AUSA Bottini reaffirmed this opinion_.,..during a telephone conversation with writer. AUSA Bottini also advised that he has discussed the matter with AUSA Stephen Cooper in Fairbanks, and AUSA Cooper agrees_that the issuing-of subpoenas or other legal actions are not appropriate given the existing facts at this time.

S. Skrocki says the following in FBI document dated 2/13/2011.

My advice, do not arrest him…” Steven Skrocki, Prosecuting Attorney. Skrocki continues, “In my view, the FBI source is pushing Cox a bit too hard…Cox says they should do everything we can to avoid it.”
FBI Informant continues to push Cox, ”we can get other militia’s to support us”-another example· of pushing, says S. Skrocki
Cox says “at the moment his plan tomorrow is to lay low, and if he gets caught to play Ghandi, not Rambo.”

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