Dear Dad

Dear  Dad,

    I ordered you an album by this guy named Craig Duncan. He does bluegrass covers of all the Beatles’ hits. It’s actually pretty good. I thought you’d like it. It’s just about your speed. : )

     In my cell, I have a plastic chair that I cover with one of those green wool Army blankets so it seems a bit like an easy chair. It’s kind of cold and drafty in this old brick building. So I scoot the chair tight up against the old steam heat register in the back of my cell. The warmth from it gets up under the blanket, and makes that plastic chair feel like a heated seat in a luxury car in Alaska. I can feel it in the small of my back. It’s soothing and comforting. Warmth in the small of your back somehow loosens up your heart and soul. It makes your mood glow like a happy little ember. It’s the next best thing to sunshine on your face.

     So I sit there, in my khaki pants and grey sweatshirt, sipping some black coffee as I listen to Bluegrass Beatles and read the stoics. It’s something nice I have carved out of someplace bad. We all have to do that in one way or another to keep from going crazy. But those of us who get good at it are the ones who thrive in life.

    You’ve got my Practicing Stoics book. Now you have my music list too. I know you have a wool blanket and a chair to sit in. So now all you have to do is get some black coffee and sit down for some relaxing music and deep ideas. Think of me. It will be like we are together, though we are half a world apart. Because in all the ways that really matter most, we are side by side. And in all the ways that matter most, we are free.

   I love you so much.You are a good father and a wonderful companion in this life.: )

     All’s well,

~Schaeffer 1-1-20

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  1. Lesley
    January 12, 2020

    I recently moved outside. I only just today heard about you “headlines with a voice.” I am more than heartbroken. So sad that the world is how it is. Heard you might get out early. For what it’s worth 1 more person knows about you and your family and sees the truth. I will share your story with all I know. I will read all your words. I offer love and support to you and you family. I will be looking into any and all ways I may be of service to you and your family.

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