Conspiracy to be schaeffer Cox

     Our motion to throw out the one remaining charge that’s holding me here is now on the judge’s desk waiting for him to rule on it. We could hear something any day now. If he rules in or favor, this nightmare could be over just like that.

       The Appeals Court ruled that what the prosecution was originally accusing me of was not even a crime. But now the prosecution is claiming there might be some other way that I’m guilty. We have pressed them to tell us what this could be. But they just filed 300 pages of nonspecific word-barf that basically boils down to them accusing me of conspiring to be Schaeffer Cox. 

       So lets hope and pray the judge sees through their BS, says enough is enough, grants our motion, and lets me out. We might know something this week.

     We are roughly $1,300 short of being able to pay the attorney bills this month. But that’s because we have been hitting it harder than usual in the wake of our recent win. 

    The Judge just ordered the prosecutor to hand over ALL the favorable evidence he’s been hiding for the past 7 years. Now we have to stay on top of that crooked prosecutor, and have my attorneys ready to bust him the minute he tries to lie his way out of obeying the judge’s order.

       Is there any way you could make a donation of $28 or $25 so we can keep up the fight? It feels really good to finally be winning some battles. It feels good to bust these prosecutors cheating. If I was guilty, they wouldn’t have to cheat to convict me! And now that’s coming out.

      What these corrupt prosecutors didn’t count on was all the public support we’d have. They thought they could just cheat to win, then burry me in a secret prison, and all their cheating sins would be buried with me and forgotten. But now, thanks to YOU, their sins are coming back to haunt them. Because of your help, the truth is coming out. And when the truth gets out, so will I. THANK YOU! 

      Could you donate even, just $13 today? 

     If 100 people donate $13 each,  we’ll have covered the bills for this month. And if all goes well, I may not have very many more months in prison.

    We are winning little by little. Please stick with me.

–Schaeffer Cox

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    • February 26, 2019

      Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  1. Jeremy Spence
    March 13, 2019

    I just sent a donation., hope it helps.

  2. Carleen Sinclair
    April 6, 2019

    Bless-Up luv frm Australia.

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