Cheap Cocaine Can Make America Great Again

     My opinion on illegal immigration is that we need to end the Drug War. I’m serious. I hate drugs and love my country. So follow the cause and effect as I lay it out here:

     The only reason that floods of people are pouring over the boarder from Mexico is because the cartels — working in corrupt partnership with the Deep State and CIA — have ruined Mexico and Latin America by turning the whole place into a smoking war zone with a wrecked economy. And that’s just how they want it, because people in chaos is easier to exploit than proud, wise, wealthy, well armed people with a Bill of Rights.

     The Feds and the DEA are not out to stop the drug trade, they are out to keep the price nice and high for the chosen few drug lords who actually run the DEA and DoJ through bribes and inside men. The DEA gives those selected drug lords and all their runners free reign, and only bust their competitors.

     The Drug War is a cash cow for the cartels because it guarantees them a monopoly on the most lucrative narco market on earth. It’s also a cash cow for the Deep State because it serves as an excuse for the endless growth of the Police State and erosion of those pesky civil rights that We The People keep crying about. The Drug War has ruined the economy of Mexico, totally corrupted their entire government, and turned the whole country into a war zone. And given enough time, it will do the same to America. The cartels already own Chicago, government and all! And look at what a mess that place is.

     As long as we are keeping the price of drugs artificially high, the drug lords will be artificially wealthy. And as long as the drug lords have that much money, they will buy off and corrupt any governments they come in contact with. Especially ours and Mexico’s. And as long as our governments are in the pockets of the cartels, there will be refugees escaping the war zones created by the War on Drugs.

     You need to see the cause and effect here. People can’t stand up there and say they support the Drug War, and at the same time say they want to stop illegal immigration. The one is causing the other. Don’t let any politician pee on your shoe and tell you it’s raining.

     Back in the day when there was alcohol prohibition, both the cops and the bootleggers became wealthy and powerful beyond their wildest dreams. But back then, the American people had the good sense to end the War on Booze. What this did was turn the gangsters of the 1920’s back into poor boys, and the cops back into public servants. Good, and very good.

     I think drugs are bad. I have never once used drugs — even in all my time as a commercial fisherman. But they should not be illegal. Big Macs kill hundreds of thousands of people a year with heart attacks and strokes. That’s why I don’t eat them. Gambling makes hundreds of thousands of suckers poor each year. That’s why I don’t gamble. Smoking gives you ugly teeth and an unkissable mouth. That’s why I don’t smoke. Bitterness will drive you to an early grave. That’s why I forgive people. Drugs will fry your mind, master your soul, and drain your energy. That’s why I don’t do drugs. I hate drugs, yet the government has no business stepping in to use violence to FORCE us to be good hearted virtuous people who make wise choices, like avoiding drug use. And wise choices is not what it’s about anyway. Don’t be fooled. The War on Drugs is the cartels corrupting and using OUR government to protect the cartel’s monopoly on importing and selling drugs to US. El Chapo didn’t mess up and get caught; he lost his franchise to someone else.

     As conservatives, we need to not be naive about this. It’s dangerous to dumb it down to: “Drugs are bad = Outlaw drugs.” That’s how we get duped by the Deep State and lose our country. The drug problem is a social and moral problem that individual people are going to have to battle one at a time, just like alcoholism, anger, or laziness. This struggle is as old as sin and can not be legislated away. It takes the work of God in people’s hearts. Something the DEA, DoJ, and BoP can’t do. So we ought not to pray to the Feds to fix it when we should be praying to God. (Unless the Cesar is your god. In which case by all means, call Jeff Sessions right now and pour your prayers at his feet. He’d like that.)

     We need to recognize that it’s the sin in man’s heart that causes him to gravitate towards addiction, and reject the lie that government can be man’s redeemer. THEN, once we have rejected idolatry and come to terms with this truth, we will see that it is foolish to have a War on Drugs that solves nothing, but that does create a corrupt Police Army that will literally sink the whole country.

     As a pastor’s son, who hates drugs as much as I hate government corruption, this is my prediction: When you can buy 5 grams of cocaine at the register in Seven Eleven for 99 cents, the cartels will go out of business, the Deep State and CIA will dissolve, world wide corruption will be cut in half, the American economy will boom, the Mexicans will move back to Mexico, normal friendly relations will resume, the prison industry will die out, children of prisoners will get their fathers back, prison guards will go get honest and productive jobs they can be proud of, street gangs will disappear, drug related crime will stop (because junkies no longer have to commit a robbery to support their drug habit), the police state will dwindle, and we will have civil rights again.

     To bring America back to life, we must defund the parasites that are sucking her blood. The surest and quickest way to do that is to crash the drug market. We do this by decriminalizing all drugs. Over night the cartels will go out of business and we will see who in our governments were on their pay-role.

     Do not fall for the moralistic pitch for why we need a Drug War. It’s a bate and switch to trick conservatives in to helping turn the whole country into Chicago. And a part of that is waves of narco-refugees. That’s my position on immigration. I know this stuff first hand. And I am giving you the only honest and direct answer to the immigration question.

     Mexicans don’t abandon all their possessions, leave their home, swim across a river, ride on a coal train, and risk their lives to get here just so they can mow your lawn for cash under the table. They do it because they are fleeing a war zone. End the war, end the problem.

     I love my country and I wouldn’t steer you wrong. If you don’t believe what I’m saying, look into it. You’ll find out real quick that I’m right.

–Schaeffer Cox

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  1. Amanda
    November 17, 2018

    Agree 100% Just look into it ppl. Thank you for speaking truth and your bravery for standinf up for it! God bless you and your family!

  2. December 9, 2018

    Incredible writer.
    Simple, to the point.
    And very important.

  3. Sonia
    January 3, 2019

    This is a perfect summation of what should be frequently discussed by our POTUS. Rather than repeating “Drugs are pouring in and killing us”(which is true), he should get big pharma on board to destabilized the cartels (with contingencies of course) by making all drugs legal. Present this nationally once pharma has signed on to it.

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