Bury My Dreams at Sea

The fjords of South East Alaska are the most challenging and unforgiving waters in the whole world. Even Captain Cook himself said so, and he’s the one who first chartered the whole Pacific. It takes years to learn to navigate those rocky shore lines with their massive tides and angry storms. I learned as a young commercial fisherman. You have to have a wise old captain teach you. It takes many years before you can earn a command of your own vessel. Big John taught me. And I love him for it. He introduced me to the salty mistress that still surges in my veins like the rise and fall of tide. The sea is really in my blood. And I owe that joy to John. I don’t want to see my boat die tied to the dock. That’s not a good death. If I can’t be free, I at least want my boat to be. She needs to crest the waves and feel the sea spray on her decks. She needs to feel fair winds and a following sea once again.

Yes, I love that boat. For the last 7 years I’ve been holding onto the dream of getting out and going back to sail those waters that are so dear to me, and so interwoven with my soul. But those dreams are sinking. And I need to let them go. A thing neglected slips away — no matter how precious it may be. I have to open my hand, accept an unknown future, and give up all hope of a better past.

~Schaeffer Cox

Note: We recently learned that a baby born, 01/16/2019, was named after Schaeffer Cox! Congratulations to the couple and to Schaeffer Cox.


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  1. Donna
    January 11, 2020

    I pray restoration for you and your family! No evil goes unseen by our Lord! One way or another justice will be served, whether it be in this life or the next. I’m so sorry you’re going through this!

  2. I recently recovered a letter from the Schaeffer Cox Legal Defense Fund and a hand-written letter dated Sept. 15, 2017. Surely, bu now, President Trump has received word about this injustice to Francis Schaeffer Cox by the Obama Administration and Obama’s intention to become Dictator of the United Communist Muslim States of America.
    In fact, were it not for the Second Amendment and his knowledge of about how many people LEGALLY possessed guns under the LAWFUL Protection of the Second Amendment is likely the ONLY REASON Obama’s intention to become Dictator of the United Communist Muslim States of America did not happen was he feared that if he did give the order to the Secretary of Defense to establish strict Martial Law, too many members of the armed forces would refuse to obey because they would not have wanted to have to shoot their own parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins and on and on the relatives many of whom would have their own guns and be shooting back at them!!!
    Therefore, We the People actually owe Francis Schaeffer Coxa a debt of gratitude for displaying the attitude about those who would illegally try to bypss the Second Amendment— even by Presidential Executive Order! Mr. Cox’s positive affirmation of the authority of the Second Amendment doubtless gave evidence to TREASONOUS Trojan Horse Illegal President Obama that there WERE INDEED people who would use the Second Amendment to reject his plans for a Communist style Muslim Caliphate of America!
    A copy of both this analysis of the situation and a copy of Francis’s handwritten letter will be in the mail tomorrow addressed to both President Trump and VP Pence. We the People actually owe Francis Schaeffer Coxa a debt of gratitude!!!
    President Trump and VP Pence are aware that my own ancestry goes back to Fielding and Betty Washington Lewis, brother-in-law and sister of General and First President George Washington, who both prayed for his success and helped fund the continental Army he commanded against seemingly impossible odds, but by God’s will, he WON for US!

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