Building Cairns

Dear Friends,

     Thank you so much for the money that you have sent to my commissary account. I’m making good use of it. With the help of a few key people, we hope to publish a new book soon called Letters From Prison. It’s a compilation of letters I have sent from prison over the past 8 years. I thought it would be a short little read. But it turns out it’s going to a full-sized book.

      We are about to start the final editing and formatting stages. And I’m paying for this process from my commissary account as we go. We are doing stuff the low budget way, of course, but it still takes money. We are talking in the hundreds of dollars. So not too much. But I still couldn’t be doing it without you and your donations to my commissary account. So thank you. 

       Some of these letters are painful for me to re-read. Others remind me of happy times. Some of them I’m a little uneasy about publishing for others to see.  But I think it’s somehow therapeutic to get them out of my mind and laid to rest in a book. It’s closing a chapter for me, and opening one for whoever reads it. It feels sort of like stacking up cairns of stones along an alpine trail so that those who come behind me can find their way. Or at least see the way I went. Because I still don’t know where this trail ends.

    Thanks for being a part of this project. Thanks for not forgetting me.

    US Postal Money Orders can be sent to my commissary account at:

Francis Schaeffer Cox 


FBoP Lock Box

PO Box 474701

Des Moines, Iowa 50947-0001

or by Western Union Quick Pay:

Francis S. Cox 16179-006

City Code: FBoP

State Code: DC

Schaeffer Cox

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