Bryan Christie

Today I got the sad news that Bryan Christie, my wonderful friend of over 20 years, died on the morning of July 3rd. He got a very sudden and aggressive cancer. It took him down with amazing speed. He was a really good man. I met him when he was driving dump trucks for me when I was building my parent’s house. Little did I know at the time what a loyal friend he would turn out to be.
Whenever trouble hits you — like going to Federal Prison — it will surprise you who disappears and who stands by you. There are people who fell away who I never thought would. And there are people who stood faithfully by my side in a way I could never have expected.
We like to tell ourselves that people love us and are loyal to us because WE are so loveable and so worthy of loyalty. But in reality, the people who love us love us because THEY have loving hearts. The people who are loyal to us are loyal to us because they have a loyal personality.
It takes hard times to show you who those people are. Bryan was one of those people. I’m proud to have known him.
— Schaeffer Cox
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