Black Site Prisons/Letters to Judge


    I need to get some things off my chest.

    My good friend was taken hostage when the Jihadi fighters in here attacked the Christians who wouldnt convert to Islam.

    His hands and feet were bound then, while he was still alive, the terrorist started sawing his head off with a long piece of wire, executing him ISIS style.

    He must have hit a bone or something, because he couldnt get his neck completely severed.

    It was a gruesome death. He was a good man, soft spoken and kind. He played guitar for our Bible studies. I could smell his life blood as he bled out on the floor of the cell. It smelled like a handful of wet pennies. The memory haunts me.

    As soon as the 1st target was dead, the ISIS terrorist moved on to attack my other friend, stabbing him 12 to 15 times.

    I dont know how he survived. But he did. He had holes all over his neck, chest, and torso. After it was all over, I put my finger in his wounds, utterly astonished.

    But what was even more astonishing is how the attack was stopped. A 3rd dear Christian friend of mine simply commanded the terrorist to stop. Just two words, calmly spoken to a man in a demonic stabbing frenzy. The terrorist froze instantly, knife in his fist, midstroke, trembling as if held still by invisible hand. Then he put the knife in his pocket, turned, and walked away. It was like Jesus had told the waves to “be still.”

    Theres more I dont really want to talk about. I was next on the list to be killed, along with two other Christians. But the terrorist attack had been cut short.

    What happened next really shocked me. The Deep State bureaucrats who run this blacksite prison (nicknamed “Little Guantanamo”) went into overdrive trying to cover it up. They swept the whole terror attack under the rug. Would you know any of this if I hadnt written you this letter?

    The Deep State thinks its better to give ISIS terrorists a free pass on martyring Christians in here, than risk bringing unwanted attention to this secret prison.

    My friend who was taken hostage and executed ISIS style was only a few months from finishing his sentence and getting out of prison. I wonder what his children were told by the prison? Surely not the truth. Probably just “No Comment,” or “Its under investigation.”

    Someday, if I get out of here, Ill have to go find his kids and tell them about their father. That he was a good man, who died for his faith.

     This blacksite prison is really taking its toll on me. Its very strange to live in a cage with terrorists who want to kill all Americans; to pass in the hall the people who martyred my friend, wounded another, and meant to kill me. We never speak. We just try to stay out of each others way.

    Im starting to go numb from all the danger and injustice. But one thing  I cant go numb to is the pain I know my two little children are feeling because Im gone.

    I have the same horrible nightmare every night. I see my son, Seth, and my daughter, Bri. They are lost and looking for me. Its starting to get dark. Bri cries, and Seth holds her hand to comfort her. But they cant find me.

    I bolt upright in my bed, frantic to go take care of my children. Only to see the prison bars, and the locked steel door to my cell, and realize Im still in prison.

    God of Mercy, its awful. Ive endured physical torture of the type that goes on at Guantanamo bay and Abu Ghraib. But nothing compares to the anguish my heart feels for my children. Ive been away from them too long! And if I dont get out of here, then they will NEVER know their father.

   But now, thanks to YOU, I got some charges overturned, and Im going back to court to get my sentence reduced. I owe you my life for making this possible. YOUR donation helped right a terrible wrong.

    Can I count on you again?

    The Judge could possibly reduce my sentence enough to let me out right away. Or he could not reduce it much at all. He has broad discretion. So we need to show him evidence of my innocence.

    But to have an investigator collecting that evidence fulltime between now and when I get sentenced will cost $11,800 at a minimum. But maybe like $13,000.

    The only way we can raise that much is if you respond back generously within the next two weeks.

    If I dont hear back from you, I can go into resentencing blind and empty handed, and just hope for the best. But Im scared to do that.

    Im embarrassed to ask you this, but Im doing it for my childrens sake: Could you please send a gift of $300 to $500?

    Let me confess; Im afraid to get my hopes up. I know there is a very real possibility that if we present the evidence, Ill be set free. But Im scared of what will happen if we drop the ball and go into court unprepared. It feels good when you stand by me. Thank you.

    Do you know how bad I want to send you a letter announcing that Im free and making up for lost years with my little children?

    We are so close to bringing this horror story to an end. Weve come this far because of you. Now everything you and I have invested in is coming to a head, and Im feeling overwhelmed. Does that make sense?

    Ill either hold my children in my arms in real life, or have to see them lost and fatherless in my nightmares each night over and over again.

    And why am I here in the first place? Because Obama sent his dirty DoJ to round up innocent political enemieslike meand throw us in a secret prison full of ISIS Jihadi fighters whove been given a free pass by the Deep State to kill Christians. This doesnt even seem real! But everything they did to me, I see them now doing to Donald Trump: Fake warrants, imaginary crimes, witch hunts led by the FBI. Its exactly the same. EXACTLY!

    Please dont think Im ungrateful for your help. You rescued me, and may end up saving my whole family. Because of YOUR prayers and donations, we got some of my charges reversed and a chance to get out. Thank you! Youre a hero to me, and especially to my two little children. Its just when you get this close to victory and the moment of truth is bearing down, the pressure becomes intense. Thank you for not abandoning me.

    A gift in the $300-$500 range feels like a lot to me. Maybe you cant afford that right now. Or maybe God has blessed you to where you could afford way more than that. But whatever the case may be,  can I count on you to please be as generous as you are able to be? Youve come so close to reuniting my family. Would $61 dollars be doable? What about $29?

    Here is a picture of my whole family. Everyones there but me. Everyone has their father except Seth and Bri. Because Obamas dirty people in the DoJ put me in prison with lies.

    Do you know what we just found out? The main witness in my case, Bill Fulton, is an ANTIFA thug. And the corrupt prosecutors offered him $160.000.00 for his testimony. CONTINGENT UPON IT RESULTING IN MY CONVICTION.

    Thats not what they told the judge and jury at my trial. The prosecutor said Bill Fulton didnt get paid to testify, and that he had no reason to lie.

   Turns out he had one hundred and sixty thousand reasons to lie.

   Well be showing this to the judge and jury at my trial. But with your donation, we can collect the proof of my innocence. Its not enough that their star witness had a motive to lie. We have to prove Im innocent.

    Could you donate $160, just one-thousandth of the bribe Obamas dirty FBI paid their liar-for-hire to take the stand and destroy my family because we were conservatives? Youd be an answer to prayer.

    We only have two weeks, will you please invest in the completion of this undertaking that you and I started together? Can I count on you to send your most generous support, right now, before you set down this letter and its slips your mind?

    Please, for the sake of my children? To save a family? Youre a godsend for the good youve accomplished so far. Would you be our hero  again?

~Schaeffer Cox

P.S. In 2011, Obama and his antiAmerican henchmen put me away in prison with the help of ANTIFA thug Bill Fulton. With endless lies and deceit, they pulled me from my family and friends and threw me in “Little Guantanamo” where they knew I couldnt continue to speak out against their corruption.

But with your help, Ive got a chance. With your help, Ive been able to hire private eyes to uncover all the dishonesty and fraud that led to my so called “conviction.” In November, well be able to present everything weve found to the judge in hopes of getting a reduced sentence, or even being able to go home!

And I still desperately need your help to get back to my wife and kids before the Muslims in this black site prison try to kill me the same way they killed my friend. Were close to getting my sentence reduced or even thrown out but can I count on your donation of $29, $101, or $500 to keep my lawyers and private detectives working? With your help, I might be able to get back to my kids before they forget who I am.


Schaeffer Cox

c/o Schaeffer’s Angels

14526 Piney Rd

Mulberry, Arkansas 72947



GOOD NEWS! We won a partial victory in court. Schaeffer Cox — who you’ve been supporting — has a great chance of getting his sentence reduced! The judge has broad discretion on this. If he wants to, he could even lower it enough to let Schaeffer out right away.

Would you be willing to write a letter to the judge asking for leniency?

One of the factors judges look at when evaluating reductions in sentences is the prisoner’s level of support from family and the community. The court wants to hear from the people who will be there to help the prisoner rebuild if they’re released early. (18 USC § 3553(a))

A one paragraph letter, or even a simple hand writtten note, that says we all want Schaeffer home with his family is all that’s needed.

But we have to file them on time. THE COURT WILL NOT CONSIDER LETTERS THAT ARE FILED LATE. Please do not delay.

If you will include a letter or note to Judge Robert J. Bryan with your next donation to Schaeffer’s Defense Fund, it will be processed and filed on time. Hopefully the judge will listen to you and show some mercy. Please don’t delay.

All of Schaeffer’s charges where dropped in the state of Alaska but the Feds turned right around and slapped Schaeffer with the exact same charges in Federal Court. Charges which had no basis and should never have even been filed in the first place. His case was already thrown OUT for lack of evidence.

But thanks in part to your help, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals recently reversed one of the most serious of these charges, and ordered Schaeffer’s sentence to be adjusted accordingly.

Right now let’s just get Schaeffer free. Once he’s out, we can work on getting the rest of this off his record. But in the mean time, at least he’ll be back with his family…if all goes well.

Thankfully, the court has re-opened the record for us to file any new evidence we can come up with. We can’t afford to miss this opportunity. As you read this, Schaeffer has several attorneys and investigators working to uncover new evidence.

I know Schaeffer is deeply grateful to you for your ongoing support. Right now, while the record is open, is the time you can have the greatest impact.

Like Schaeffer has said all along, this case is winnable!

Thank you!

Angela Clemons, President

Schaeffer’s Angels

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  1. kellybe
    October 2, 2019

    A remedy has been laid in our laps this year. The supreme court has ruled that the lower courts have to follow the FAA. There was a private case in 2016 with some guys in prison – they got out and won big time. Email me to connect. I can send you the private law and the process.

  2. Rachel
    October 4, 2019

    What is the address for letters to the Judge?

  3. Tina Kumley Barnes
    November 16, 2019

    Enough is enough. Cox has suffered at a judicial and penal system gone awry. Free the man and give the guy his life back. For to read his testimony you would think we have communist China:s judical and penal system in place here in America. Just because he is incarcerated does not mean he deserves to be there. And when an American is incarcerated he has the freedom from improper conditions.

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